NFC Championship: Cardinals Will Ground Eagles

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IJanuary 16, 2009

Philly Bandwagon Faces An Old West-Style Ambush

Philadelphia is known for its passion for sports.  We all respect that passion.  The media, in its effort to avoid engaging the maniacal fanatics from the City of Brotherly Love, have instead just sided with them.

Rather than objectively handicap this game, most of the media has just decided to cave.  I say—as I always say—don't buy into this spineless blather.

I have had an exceptional postseason (6-2) thus far and I don't plan on losing now.  I like the Arizona Cardinals in this game—not only to cover, but to win.

How, you say? Very easily. Go with the hot team.

But aren't the Eagles the hot team? Yes, but the Cards are hotter.

Like in horse racing, you should only look at the three latest past performances.

The Eagles beat the dysfunctional, deflated Cowboys; the Vikings—a team that seems to play not to lose, and the Giants—who were completely out of gas at season's end. Normally, beating those three teams would be considered a monumental feat, but in this case, it's actually a soft stretch of schedule.

The Cardinals finished a season in which they were devoid of challenges by defeating the Seahawks in Mike Holmgren's farewell, stopping the juggernaut Falcons, and crushing the heavily favored Panthers on the East Coast.

Forget that the Eagles hammered the Cards on Thanksgiving night in Philly.  That may as well have been a hundred years ago. We live in a right here, right now world and the Cards are the ones on the cusp of immortality, not the Eagles.

Philly fans have always handicapped games based on what they want to happen, not what they think will happen. Do not be fooled.

I like former NFL and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner in this game. He has the game's best receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and a rejuvenated running game with Edgerrin James and Tim Hightower.

The Eagles have two impact players: S Brian Dawkins and RB Brian Westbrook.  Both are banged up. I would be putting my money on Philly if both of these guys were 100 percent.  But they are not.

Final Score: Cardinals 29 Eagles 24.