Top Ten Things I Am Doing During My Week Of Withdrawal From College Football

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IJanuary 16, 2009

1) Daydreaming and wishing there was college football

I know I trashed that Temple-Ohio U match up ESPN showed on a Tuesday, but I sure would kill for it right now. Just a month ago it was the National Title being decided every Saturday.

2) Working on The

Since The College Football Place is about a sport that isn't being played right now, the football traffic has tailed off a little bit. It has given me time to go back and at least try and remember all of those things I have been meaning to do.

3) Watching NFL games

I know their fan base has the numbers, but their game doesn't have it over ours. This doesn't resemble anything I watched when I was a kid and it doesn't even resemble what we watched in the 80's or 90's. Soon, having a guy play DB may be a penalty.

4) Working on my new sites

My new College Hoops site should be open shortly, but in the mean time I have assembled a great bunch of writers for nationwide coverage. For the time being you can read their daily game picks against the spread here. I'll have my NFL site up in time for the draft and Major League Baseball in plenty of time for your fantasy drafts.

5) Running

I think I eat twice as much during college football than I do during the rest of the year, probably even more since I stopped smoking over a year ago.

6) Freezing

I don't know what the temps are like where you are, but it was 40 below here in Chi-Town yesterday. Trying to stay warm can be a full time job.

7) Finding out what else happened during college football season

Apparently we have a new President on the way, everyone is broke, a lot of people are out of work, the stock market stinks, Bernie Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme, but apparently Mark Teixeira is feeling none of it.

8) Figuring out who is going pro and who isn't

So Matt Stafford is the top rated QB? I guess that's why Sanchez would make that choice to leave. This must be the lightest class for QB's in history.

9) Working on my book

If you've checked out my articles lately, usually they are about topics I am going to cover in-depth in the book.

10) Taking a deep breath

While I certainly don't think it was the best college football season ever, it wasn't the worst either. It was the busiest I have ever had and one of the most exciting for me on a personal level. I am grateful for all of the new friends I have made and all of the talented writers who have inspired and challenged me to be better.