WrestleMania 28 Preview: Ring Rust Radio Predicts WWE's Biggest Event

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Preview: Ring Rust Radio Predicts WWE's Biggest Event

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    The boys of Ring Rust Radio are ready the for WrestleMania 28, which is only a few days away.  Lucky for the WWE universe, they want to let you in on what they think will go down at wrestling’s biggest event.

    Bleacher Report Featured Columnists and hosts of the popular radio show Ring Rust Radio, Donald Wood, Adam Wells, Brandon Galvin and Michael Cahill give their candid views on each of the matches expected to grace the WrestleMania card.

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WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

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    Donald Wood: I fully expect Chris Jericho to remain with the WWE for a few months after WrestleMania, which would mean an extended feud with CM Punk. All of that points to CM Punk dropping the title via a dirty win and recapturing the belt at another pay-per-view.

    Winner: Chris Jericho

    Adam Wells: While I agree with Donny that Jericho will be hanging around WWE for at least a few months, I see no reason to take the title of Punk at this point. He is the "rising" star, with momentum building. Having him lose the title to an established veteran, who may not be around a lot, on the biggest show of the year makes no sense. 

    Winner: CM Punk

    Brandon Galvin: With The Rock leaving after WrestleMania, WWE will need a top feud going in to Extreme Rules. Chris Jericho's return to WWE and feud with Punk would be pointless if he didn't capture the WWE Championship. He needs to prove he's a top heel and the only way to do that is to win the Title and make Punk chase him.

    Winner: Chris Jericho 

    Michael Cahill: If Jericho loses it makes the entire build worthless. Brandon is right, the WWE needs a feud that they can use to headline Extreme Rules. It's always better when the face is chasing the belt. CM Punk chasing the belt, looking for revenge in his hometown of Chicago would make for a great headliner at the end of April. 

    Winner: Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

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    Donald Wood: The WWE is trying to put Cody Rhodes on another level in terms of fan respect, so letting him retain the Intercontinental belt at WrestleMania against Big Show is great. I can't believe I'm saying this, but a secondary belt is finally relevant.

    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    Adam Wells: Not a lot to say about this match, since I don't see it getting a lot of time and Big Show is a guy that is used to getting other people over at this point in his career. Rhodes is coming along, so hopefully he can make something out of this match. 

    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    Brandon Galvin: This has actually been an enjoyable feud with Cody Rhodes constantly digging at Big Show's WrestleMania failures. Rhodes is bringing some prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship and is turning into one of WWE's most dependable heels. Show is on the downside of his career and will once again make somebody else look great at 'Mania.

    Winner: Cody Rhodes 

    Michael Cahill: Welcome to the "Who Cares?" feud. There are actually a few on the Mania card. Still, the WWE has work to do here. Big Show has been putting guys over for the last few years so I would expect this trend to continue here. Rhodes has earned his spot at Mania and will hopefully be getting a bigger push as the year goes on, it wouldn't feel right to have him lose to a star being pushed nowhere at the company's biggest PPV. 

    Winner: Cody Rhodes

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve

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    Donald Wood: This is the point of the four-hour long PPV where I get my snacks and use the restroom. Celebrities always win; book it.

    Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

    Adam Wells: This match will be thrown in somewhere to bring the crowd down after one of the top matches. Celebrities in matches always go over. 

    Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

    Brandon Galvin: If there's a celebrity involved,

    it generally means they'll get put over. In this case, it's a guarantee. Plus, WWE needs to get Kelly Kelly back on the right track and this is the perfect way to do it.

    Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

    Michael Cahill: Um...likely most people will miss this while they are at the bathroom or making dinner but for those that watch you can bet they'll give Maria Menounos the win. I don't have the research done, but I'll bet that celebrity women who compete at 'Mania always win. 

    Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny

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    Donald Wood: With plenty of time given to this story every single week, I still feel like there is no real storyline. Since I think Vinny Mac likes heels in power, Team Laryngitis will go over. This may also be the beginning of many of the feuds that come out of WrestleMania.

    Winner: Team Laurinaitis

    Adam Wells: Of all the nothing feuds on this card, of which I count three total, this one is the most idiotic. Control of RAW and SmackDown should feel like a big deal since they are the premier shows WWE has, yet these teams are stacked with dorks and jobbers. Still, John Laurinaitis is the one the creative team supports.

    Winner: Team Laurinaitis

    Brandon Galvin: Dating back to the late 1990s, we've learned that professional wrestling is simply better for the long-term when a heel has authority. WWE is still constantly trying to replicate Austin vs. McMahon in some way each year. We need a new "Corporation" type heel stable and Johnny Ace is crafting just that. 

    Winner: Team Laurinaitis

    Michael Cahill: Pretty simple here—Long is the fan favorite, but Johnny Ace is the villain. It's more important to hate the man in power than it is to like him. Johnny Ace wins this, though my personal vote would be for him to never come back to TV again. 

    Winner: Team Laurinaitis

Randy Orton vs. Kane

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    Donald Wood: With almost no build to this match except for talk of a match from the summer where the two shook hands, I couldn’t care less about this match. This has Randy Orton winning written all it.

    Winner: RKO

    Adam Wells: Looking at this match, you can't help but think that Orton was promised something a few months back, only to be screwed by injuries and circumstance. At least he will walk away from WrestleMania with a win. 

    Winner: Randy Orton

    Brandon Galvin: It's a shame that both Kane and Randy Orton weren't involved in higher-profile matches this year, but I look for this one to continue to Extreme Rules and receive proper promotion. If I had to choose, I'd go with Orton, but considering both men need to look strong, I'll go with a double DQ/double count-out draw.

    Winner: Draw

    Michael Cahill: This feud had no point and that continues to be evident. This was just a way to get Orton and Kane onto the card and so the winner of this match has no real baring. Orton doesn't need to be pushed and neither does Kane. At this point, any direction they went with them would be acceptable booking. For that reason alone, I'll pick the upset and go Kane. 

    Winner: Kane

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

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    Donald Wood: With Sheamus carrying so much momentum into this match, the fact that it looks so clear that he should win the match makes me think otherwise. This is the perfect chance for A.J. to complete the full transformation into Miss Elizabeth and help her Macho Man retain the gold.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

    Adam Wells: As great as Daniel Bryan has been since turning heel—and, yes, he has been, MC—Sheamus is Triple H's boy. He has been getting the big push since the Royal Rumble. Of the four top matches on the show, this is where I could see the creative team pulling the swerve, just to keep everyone on their heels. 

    Winner: Sheamus

    Brandon Galvin: Last month I said this was a no-brainer, but now it's a toss-up as WWE looks to be firmly behind Daniel Bryan as a top heel in the company. Still, Sheamus has been on a roll and WWE will want to make sure the Royal Rumble winner continues to look strong heading into future Rumbles. Sheamus wins, but we haven't seen the last of this feud or Bryan in the main events for SmackDown.

    Winner: Sheamus

    Michael Cahill: Adam Wells is wrong as Bryan continues to bore the masses. I think his heat is real hate. Though I believe that the WWE hates me and they want me to suffer. Therefore, I think Bryan keeps the title and we get treated to more boring promos from a man that couldn't be more boring if he slept in the middle of the ring.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

The Undertaker vs. Triple H

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    Donald Wood: While the feud originally seemed lackluster, classic storytelling from the people that helped revolutionize the sport makes this one of the biggest nostalgia pops in WrestleMania history. Put this all in an outdoor Hell in a Cell and you have potential for greatness.

    Winner: Undertaker

    Adam Wells: All we really have to hope for is that the match and drama are great because we already know who is going to win. Instead of giving just a prediction on who will win, I will also say that there will be blood. What's Vince McMahon going to do, fire Undertaker and Triple H? Yeah right. 

    Winner: Undertaker

    Brandon Galvin: "The Streak" is the best thing ever in professional wrestling. This will be one of the greatest and most brutal 'Mania matches ever between two of the best storytellers to ever grace the squared circle. The Undertaker should never lose at WrestleMania as it is his true lasting legacy. He was never given proper title reigns, but he will always have his character and undefeated streak to hang his hat on. 20-0.

    Winner: Undertaker

    Michael Cahill: This match isn't about who is going to win. I think at this point it's a no-brainer that the Undertaker wins. This streak is the best money-maker 'Mania has going and they aren't going to mess with it as long as 'Taker thinks he can do another year. At this point, it's about how he'll win it more than if he'll win it. Expect Undertaker to do what he does best inside a cell: punish his opponents. 

    Winner: Undertaker

John Cena vs. The Rock

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    Donald Wood: When John Cena pins The Rock on April 1st, he will cement his legacy as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time; just like The Rock did when he beat Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18.

    Winner: John Cena

    Adam Wells: Unlike my fellow cohorts, I see this match going in the favor of the Brahma Bull. It makes the most sense, since almost everyone going to the show or buying it wants to see Rock successful in his return. If this was Rock's last match ever in WWE, then it would make my choice easier. Since it is almost guaranteed that he will do more matches, likely against Cena, there is no reason to have him lose in this spot. 

    Winner: The Rock

    Brandon Galvin: It may be The Rock's comeback singles match, but he went over at Survivor Series. He's leaving again following the PPV and it will once again be John Cena who will have to carry the company. In Miami, Cena will be booed to no end, which will make his victory against Rocky even sweeter. This will be Rock's way of passing the torch to Cena in another instant classic, much like Hogan did with The Rock 10 years ago.

    Winner: John Cena 

    Michael Cahill: This match can really go either way, but I think Cena is a dead man walking. Perhaps that's why Cena has spent the last four weeks verbally brutalizing The Rock. Perhaps 'Mania is where The Rock will get the last laugh. Look, The Rock will wrestle again, maybe SummerSlam, maybe next WrestleMania, but this isn't it for him. If The Rock loses, do you really ever care if they wrestle again? 

    Winner: The Rock

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