WrestleMania 28: Top 15 OMG Moments in WrestleMania History

Sam Davies@@samdavies277Contributor IIIMarch 26, 2012

WrestleMania 28: Top 15 OMG Moments in WrestleMania History

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    For a second consecutive year, WrestleMania will be without the "Money In The Bank" ladder match.

    This has left many a spot-junkie worried about if they'll be able to get their fix watching WrestleMania 28.

    So without MITB to look forward to, here's a count down of the top 15 moments in WrestleMania history that have commentators screaming "OH MY GOD!", and the fans chanting "Holy...well, you know.

15. Shane McMahon Elbow Drops the Spanish Announce Table: WrestleMania 17

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    For a guy who will be remembered by most as Vince's son rather than an in-ring performer, Shane McMahon has taken part in some incredible spots.

    Here's just one of them in the "Street Fight" with his father at WrestleMania 17.

14. Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley Take a Dive: WrestleMania 17

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    At the very same WrestleMania, we got the absolute treat that was "TLC II."

    This match has gone down in history along with the original TLC from SummerSlam 2000 and the precursor ladder match at WrestleMania 16 because of spots like this.

    With so much to look back on from these matches, this spot isn't always remembered. It deserves to be though, just watch it. Those tables aren't exactly close to the ring, they've got to take a dive from the top of the already falling ladder to make it.

    The impact is immense. 

13. Chris Benoit's Diving Head-Butt: WrestleMania 21

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    At WrestleMania 21's "Money In The Bank" match Chris Benoit decided to give us this diving head-butt from a 16-foot ladder.

    He's not getting any protection here; there are no tables to break his fall or anyone waiting to catch him. He's just falling straight onto his chest and face.

    His reaction as he convulses on the mat and lifts his face to reveal the blood beginning to pour from his head and nose says it all.

12. Shawn Michaels Elbow Drops Vince McMahon: WrestleMania 22

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    This isn't just an elbow drop off the top of a 20-foot ladder from "Mr. WrestleMania" himself. This is a huge elbow drop off the top of a 20-foot ladder from "Mr. WrestleMania" straight through a waiting Vince McMahon...inside trash can...on top of a table.

    This just had to be on the list.

    It's nicely rounded up by Lawler concluding that "...he's dead!"

11. Shelton Benjamin Front Flips into a "Sea of Superstars": WrestleMania 25

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    Here's Shelton Benjamin trying to steal the show in "Money In The Bank" at WrestleMania 25.

    Benjamin has been involved in five of these matches and has never been given the win. He's certainly given us plenty of moments to remember him by though.

    In this spot, Shelton takes to the top of an absolute monster of a ladder to front flip into a "sea of superstars" (as dubbed by Cole on commentary), who do a questionable job of catching him.

10. Shelton Benjamin Goes Through a Ladder: WrestleMania 24

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    Here's another "Money In The Bank" moment from Shelton Benjamin—this time at WrestleMania 24 with a dive that left the crowd in a state of shock.

    Front flipping from a ladder as it's being pushed forward, out of the ring and with the less than inviting prospect of another ladder (be it wooden framed or not) to lessen your fall, is deserving of a spot at No. 10. 

9. Undertaker's Botched Suicide Dive: WrestleMania 25

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    An over-the-top-rope suicide dive from Undertaker is always something to behold. A man of his size shouldn't be able to fly the way he can, especially not at his age with all that his body's been through.

    This one, though, is noteworthy ahead of others because of how it ended.

    Reportedly, the camera man, who was actually Sim Snuka, Jimmy Snuka's son, had been given the job of catching The Deadman. Clearly, that didn't work out so well.

    Fortunately, and quite miraculously, Undertaker was OK to finish the match and alongside HBK put on a show stealing performance.

    The combination of the athleticism in this move and the brutal slam that it led to, left us all shocked and astounded, with this moment forever embedded in our minds. 

8. Shawn Michaels' Splash on Razor Ramo: WrestleMania 10

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    If you look at this in today's context, it comes across as tame. But this ladder match took place in 1994 at WrestleMania 10. This move really pushed the bar.

    The whole match is generally considered to be one of the greatest of all time (getting a five-star rating from Wrestling Observer Newsletter), and this has become the iconic moment from this legendary encounter. 

    This match, and particularly this perfectly delivered splash from Michaels, set the tone for everything you've seen in this list up to this point and deserves to be mentioned.

7. Brock's Botched Shooting Star Press: WrestleMania 19

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    In Brock Lesnar's rocket-propelled push from developmental talent to main-event star, "The Next Big Thing" had been shown as a mat-based powerhouse. As far as the majority of the audience was concerned, Lesnar wasn't one to take to the top turnbuckle. 

    So as Brock began to make his ascent, the audience were in a state of both confusion and excitement. As Lesnar made his leap this turned into awe as he attempted one of the more difficult of high-flying moves—the shooting star press.

    This awe, though, quickly became shock as he plummeted head first into the side of Angle who was lying a good three-fourths of the ring away.

    In reality, Brock Lesnar had done shooting star presses before this match; he'd just been holding them back since his move to the big league.

    It was a move he was considered to have comfortably in his locker. According to Kurt Angle he'd been pulling them off with ease in the run up to their match at WrestleMania 19.

    On the night, though, he hesitated, crashed and burned.  

    In the same way as Undertaker's botched suicide dive, the fact that this didn't go so well only increases its claims to be in this list.

6. Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb Through a Table: WrestleMania 16

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    How many times have we seen Jeff Hardy climb to the top of a ladder and deliver a Swanton Bomb to an opponent through a table?

    Prior to WrestleMania 16: the answer is never.

    Hardy has repeated this spot many times throughout his career, and every time he does, it leaves people picking their jaws up from the floor. That effect was only intensified by the fact this was the first.

    This moment left anyone who witnessed it just waiting for possible opportunites to talk about it. That's the effect these kind of moments have.

    Unfortunately for "The Charismatic Enigma," they can also have the effect of leaving the superstars involved a little worse for wear. This particular moment left him nursing a broken tail bone.

5. Edge Spears Foley Through a Flaming Table: WrestleMania 22

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    At WrestleMania 22, Mick Foley and Edge took part in a Hardcore match which led to this insane spot.

    This Spear effectively became a suicide dive by Edge, catching Foley as he flew threw the middle rope, carrying him all the way to the outside and through a flaming table.

    The combination of skill, impact and showmanship made this moment one of the greatest "Oh My God" moments in WrestleMania history.

    It's also notable for what has to be the greatest "Oh My God!" commentary reaction in WrestleMania history, courtesy of Joey Styles.

4. Shawn Michaels' Moonsault on Undertaker: WrestleMania 26

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    Yet another entry from HBK, and another example of why we call him "Mr. WrestleMania." 

    Having attempted a similar spot with an Assai Moonsault at WrestleMania 24, he took to the top turnbuckle this time, safe in the knowledge that, however this attempt went, it should be his last Moonsault.

    There's so much that can go wrong with this move, but incredibly, Michaels made it and left us with one of the greatest Moonsaults in WWE's history.

3. Hulk Hogan and "The Bodyslam Heard Around the World": WrestleMania 3

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    This one's a bit different to the others; it's only ingredients are two men and a ring.

    Out of context, it's an extraordinary show of strength which would grab attention in the modern landscape but would maybe struggle to be considered a legitimate "Oh My God!" moment.

    In the context of 1987 and WrestleMania 3, however, it absolutely deserves its spot in this list. 

    In a time before ladders and tables had made their way into WWE rings and McMahon's company was the land of the giants, to bodyslam the biggest of these giants (Andre being billed at 520 lbs) really got people excited.

    And that's the defining aspect of what makes these moments special. They're the moments that strike people, that get people off their seats and fill them with a mix of shock and awe.

    Hogan certainly did that with this move.

2. Jeff Hardy Breaks Edge in Half: WrestleMania 23

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    Once more, we're reminded of what we're missing out on without "Money In The Bank" on April 1st, this time in the shape of Jeff Hardy doing what he does best at WrestleMania 23's MITB match.

    With the briefcase hanging free above the ring, Hardy's job, as has been the case for much of his career, was to ignore the opportunity at hand, and put his body on the line to steal the show.

    The impact of this leg drop is just ridiculous and gives yet another moment for wrestling fans to point to when making the often repeated "it's scripted, not fake" argument.

    Because Hardy really did dive from a 20-foot ladder, from inside the ring, through a ladder balanced between the apron and the security barrier and the unfortunate Edge lying on top of it.

    This was the last part either Hardy or Edge had to play in this match as they were stretchered away following this.

    When you watch this it's hard to believe that anything else could be considered a greater "Oh My God!" moment or that anyone else else could give us a more ludicrous spot...

1. Edge's Flying Spear on Jeff Hardy: WrestleMania 17

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    And no-one else has. At No. 1, we have the same two men involved in a spot from five years earlier in "TLC II" at WrestleMania 17.

    There's no way anything else could be considered top of this list. This moment was something else.

    These TLC matches were all about pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

    WWE threw together a group of creative young athletes with huge talent and equally huge balls, a ton of tables, ladders and chairs and two title belts hanging above the ring, and then basically let them go for it.

    The results were some of the greatest matches in the history of wrestling, and with this particular move, they may well have found the limit of how far these boundaries can be pushed.

    With the combination of high-risk, massive levels of difficulty and an impact that stays with you for years, this had to be number one.

    It's a spot that has never been repeated, and may well never be, because it's just too hard and dangerous. 

    Whilst everything else in this countdown has been astounding, this is simply perfection and has to be considered the greatest "Oh My God! moment in the history of WrestleMania.

So There You Have It....

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    So there you have it, a countdown of the 15 greatest "Oh My God!" moments in WrestleMania's illustrious history.

    These are the kind of moments that can make superstars into icons. They're the moments that stay burnt in the mind's retina forever and fans still reminisce about decades later.

    Let's just hope WrestleMania 28 gives us something for this list on April 1st.

    Don't forget to leave a comment on what you think should be No. 1 and thanks for reading! 

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