Baseball Hall of Fame Voting

MikeContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

Yeah, I know Pete Rose is not eligible...He still should be in, though.

Anyways there is a huge problem with the Hall of Fame voting. How can Rickey Henderson not get Tom Seaver-like votes? Sure he was easily voted in but, how can 28 voters leave him off?

My thinking is that those 28 voters probably were the guys that got their jobs in Rickeys' last five years when he was bouncing around from team to team mostly as an old guy that just wanted to play so he took the back up fourth outfielder job so he could keep playing.

Did they not give him the vote 'cause what they saw was an old, past his prime, trying to hang on, maybe just to get a few milestones guy, instead of what Rickey Henderson was and is: The Greatest leadoff man, Greatest Ever on the basepaths, and possibly one of the top 10 Greatest all around players of all time in his prime?

I think there should be a rethinking of the whole HoF voting committee. Jim Rice is a great example..If the writers from the '70's and 80's were the only ones that could have voted for players in his era there would have been NO WAY he would have waited 15 years to get in.

The way I see it is, I live in MA so I pretty much follow things around this coast...Mostly AL, but I get accepted to the writers association,or however that goes in say 2007. So say Paul Dowd (not a real player) retired in 2006 great player under the radar 2800 hits,399 hrs, 1550 RBI decent numbers but not overwhelming and, he's getting 50-60 percent every year.

I've heard of the guy but he was retired before I really paid attention to anyone outside of my part of town besides the Bonds' or McGwire's that wern't on the east coast.

This is where my rethinking goes...Sportswriters from the '70's should vote for guys that played in that era, writers from the '80's should vote for the guys that played then...and so on, AND maybe it should go back to the school thing, anyone that's up for election.

Give reason why you either voted for him on didn't vote for him..back to Jim Rice,he wasn't an overly "Writer Friendly" guy...nothing to do with his game but everyone knows he would have gone in a lot sooner if he kissed the writers a**'s