WWE Hall of Fame 2012: WWE Spoils the Names of This Year's Inductors

Poppa Big NickCorrespondent IIIMarch 23, 2012

On March 29, 2012, the WWE will be releasing on iTunes "WWE Hall of Fame 2012—The Music," according to Ring Side News,

You may be asking how does that spoil who will be the inductors in this years Hall of Fame. It's simple, not only are they releasing the theme songs of the soon-to-be Hall of Famers, but also their respective inductor. Here is the official list WWE will be releasing:

WWE Hall Of Fame 2012—The Music—Track Listing 

01—Edge (Edge)—Jim Johnston 

02—On The Edge (Edge)—Jim Johnston 

03—Blood Brother (Christian)—Jim Johnston 

04—Just Close Your Eyes (Christian) [feat. Bedlam's Gate]—Previously Unreleased—Jim Johnston & Bedlam’s Gate 

05—Fist (DX with Mike Tyson) [feat. Prince Michael]—Jim Johnston & Prince Michael 

06—Are You Ready? (D-Generation X)—Jim Johnston 

07—Are You Ready? (D-Generation X) [feat. Age Against The Machine]—Previously Unreleased – Jim Johnston & Age Against the Machine 

08—Horse (Four Horsemen)—Jim Johnston 

09—Common Man Boogie (Dusty Rhodes)—Jim Johnston 

10—Damn (Ron Simmons)—Jim Johnston 

11—Nation of Domination (Faarooq)—Jim Johnston 

12—Longhorn (JBL)—Jim Johnston 

13—Sumo (Yokozuna)—Jim Johnston 

14—So Close Now (The Usos) [feat. David Dallas]—Jim Johnston & David Dallas 

15—Bad Man (Rikishi)—Jim Johnston 

16—Realeza (Alberto Del Rio) [feat. Mariachi Real De Mexico]—Jim Johnston & Mariachi Real De Mexico

The largest, most-asked question when it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame after the inductees are named is, "Who's going to induct?"

The WWE is going to induct nine people into the Hall of Fame this year, and if you read the above track listing, you would see that there are a few people on this list who are not inductees this year.

It is clear on who will induct who this year if you are a true fan and understand family relations and close friendships. If you ask me, this year's Hall of Fame is one of the most star-studded in history filled with a perfect variety of main-eventers, tag teams and mid-carders. According to the track listing, this is what this year's Hall of Fame should look like:

  1. Edge—To be inducted by his best friend Christian
  2. The Four Horseman (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, & J.J. Dillon)—To be inducted by their close friend Dusty Rhodes
  3. Mike Tyson—To be inducted by friends Triple H and Shawn Michaels
  4. Ron Simmons—To be inducted by close friend and former Tag Team partner John "Bradshaw" Layfield
  5. Mil Mascaras—To be inducted by his nephew Alberto Del Rio
  6. Yokozuna—To be inducted by his cousins Rikishi, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso