Arsenal: 10 Memorable Moments in Arsenal's Triumph at Everton

H Andel@Gol Iath @gol_iathAnalyst IIIMarch 23, 2012

Arsenal came out of the blocks firing at Everton. Everton were the rabbits in the headlights, David Moyes the mad scientist on the brink of causing a major havoc.

No, David Moyes was as calm as could be under the circumstance.

He kept enough of his senses to make a very significant adjustment to his tactics. The adjustment— a certain Marouane Fellaini—worked.

Bacary Sagna, who had been having a field day down the right flank, enjoying his new-found wings and wind, was suddenly shackled.

He was reduced to batting away the aerial fireworks thrown his way by Moyes and Fellaini, so much so that he forgot flying...almost.

Meanwhile, his comrade in arms, who was reprising his role as Mercury—from his Newcastle exploits, deeds his manager called "perfect"—down the same flank suddenly found his invisibility cloak punctured.

"Ordinary," said some fans, gnashing their teeth. Some even shook their fists at the sky, like Beethoven at the gods on his deathbed. 

So what were the memorable moments?

Sorry, I got carried away...



In the final minute, Alex Song has the ball from a Robin van Persie pass. Arsenal could still try for a goal.

No chance...don't take the chance...who knows, one of those volleyballs could land in the Arsenal goal even on the stroke of time.

So Alex Song refuses to attack Tim Howard and the Everton goal. He refuses to pick a pass, even though several Arsenal players are free to receive a pass.

What does he do?

He heads to the corner flag, and right on cue, the Everton defense is on his heels come to battle the ball away.

Alex Song battles them...he battles them and wins a throwing. The referee has had enough. He blows his whistle. Arsenal's away fans shout, "hey!."

That was my moment of the match, which is why I sound a little silly, and I don't care.

Five stars.



Some time in the second half, when Everton are shooting long balls at the Arsenal goal and defense when they opt to lop aerial balls into the same area, forcing Arsenal's entire back line into a jumping exercise,  Thomas Vermaelen receives a nudge, and down he goes in his own penalty box.  He curls into a ball.

He expects the referee's whistle; none comes. The ball has gone away from the Arsenal danger area. The action has left Vermaelen behind. He stops rolling, jumps to his feet and chases after the action.

"O Thomas Vermaelen,  what a pathetic attempt at conning the ref.!

No, problem, though, no harm is done.

Four stars.



See the title picture.

Tim Howard wants to jump, but before he can finish thinking "I'm going to jump," the ball is in the net!


Think of the stars. I don't know how many.





It's still there in the picture. Look behind the No. 10. Is that Nikica Jelavić riding Sylvain Distin's back? It's the eighth minute, and the Everton players are disoriented from chasing after Arsenal's shadows.

Else it is private bad blood playing out in public.

I don't how to rate it.



Who was that referee's assistant?

Did anyone notice that he was consistent with his offside flag?

Each time he waved it, someone was offside. Only thing is, it wasn't always the active players offside, which is why we are still here cracking jokes (why must jokes be so darn hard?) instead of beating out the fires from...

You know who.

Three stars.




When Harry Redknapp said:

I told them at half-time Chelsea and Arsenal were winning. 

I said: “We need a win, lads. A draw’s no good, we need to be positive, let’s get after them. 

It’s still all to play for. We can still finish above Arsenal. Arsenal won’t win every game, will they? I still want to finish third.


No, I wasn't there, but who cares?

He said it, didn't it?

It's not technically part of the "memorable moments" of the Everton-Arsenal match? But...

Did he not say it while the Arsenal match was going on? What more do you want?

Oh, and Tottenham, unlike Arsenal, are going to win all their remaining matches. It's why they'll finish third to Arsenal's...


Who knows?

I'm giving it seven stars out of five.

Who has an issue with that?


Good, because I'm giving it seven...oh, I just said that?

Seven stars.



When Mario Balotelli missed a glaring chance in the Manchester City-Chelsea match while the Arsenal match was going on, which is why the incident makes it here. I don't care what you say.

Anyway, it's memorable because I don't want City to win the league. Balotelli's miss didn't affect the match, I know.


I also know it's stupid to celebrate the miss because City's victory was a favor to Arsenal, but when it comes to listing memorable moments, logic doesn't count... You should know.

Eight stars out of five.



This moment from the picture below...


But come on, is Wojciech Szczęsny now Thomas Rosicky's mama?

There should be 10 moments, but I only have eight. You should supply the rest. Yeah, if you think it's so simple.



Arsenal keeper Wojiciech Szczesny (l) congratulates Tomas Rosicky (r) on the final whistle after the Barclays Premier League match between Everton v Arsenal at Goodison Park on March 21, 2012 in <a href=



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