Brett Favre Coming Back from Retirement As a Punter?? (Humor)

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

In the last games in 2008, Favre has been throwing picks left and right. His throws look like lobs and the defender always comes up with it. That being said Woody Johnson found a perfect position for Favre as a punter kind of.

Instead of punting, Favre is going to throw it like he normally does, just in a punt formation.

"We looked at some game tape and realized that Favre sucked at Quarterback...But he would be pretty good as a pk (punter kinda)" Says Woody Johnson

He went on to say, "I love Brett Favre with all my heart and I needed to find a place in the organization so we can still hang out on the weekends and I can continue to give him money."

Favre apperantly had a workout with the Jets and they say hes perfect for punts inside the 50. He has some what accuracy and his lob passes would be perfect for this role.

When looking at game tape they watched the Buffalo Bills game in Week 15, Jets orginization noticed this potential talent.

Mike Tennanbaum Went on to saying "We where watching the Bills game and on third down in the fourth quarter favre threw a long ball that was later intercepted by Terrence Mcgee. We clocked the hang time and it ended up being 12 seconds. The record for punts is eight."

Favre is still unsure though. "Im going to try to weigh my options give hints to both sides, try to annoy Jets fans as much as I can with retiring or not and then I will make my decision. I do think this is a great opportunity, a way to just steal money from the organization and I get to annoy Jet Fans about retiring or not another year."

But the only problem is the league only allows kicks for punts. The Jets plan to appeal that and talk the league next week.

The eague responded "We are unsure about this at the time. We might give it a test run and see how it goes. Favre sucks alot at QB now so this would be a great place for him in the league."

We will see what happens.