Arsenal News: Eduardo da Silva Forgives

Ashish WesleySenior Analyst IFebruary 27, 2008

It's been an emotion-soaked week for all concerned with Arsenal's standings, and more so for me after the death of a loved one over the weekend.  I haven't been able to contribute to this site for the last two days, however regular service has now resumed.

Right, so what have I missed?  Eduardo's injury has been reassessed and it looks like the Crozilian we lost over the weekend could be back playing for us come November or December.  This is the best news I have heard in a long time!

Eduardo has come out and forgiven Taylor.  "I forgive Martin.  It hurt like hell, but I'm fine now.  I know he did not do it on purpose.  I was horrified when I saw how my leg looked at first, and wondered how it would all end.  But I will be back."

This last sentence in particular shows just what a strong-minded individual he is, a real asset to the team.  Here's wishing the coolest finisher in the box a speedy recovery!

Arsenal Analysis has conducted a poll to determine who we would like to see partner Ade up front in the absence of RVP and now Eduardo.  Surprise, surprise!  The most popular choice is young Theo Walcott.

This weekend's two-goal hero caught the fancy of the majority of voters, including myself.  Theo was such a different player after the first goal—all composure and confidence.  Maybe he really is becoming the player we want him to be.

I remember feeling the same sense of hope after Theo scored two goals in a game in the Champions League.  But this led to nothing...until now.  We need him to perform.  Let's hope he can finally step it up.

Kolo Toure looks set to return for our all-important trip to Milan, after having to leave the field early in the first leg of the last match, feeling the ill effects of a blocked Pato shot.

I would be more reassured with Toure at the back in this game, despite how well Senderos has performed in the past two games.  Remember that both sides will be looking to score, and we need a seasoned campaigner at the back.

Plus, Kolo has said his dream CL Final would be the matchup of Arsenal-Barca, in which he could face his brother Yaya.  He's said, "It will be a great day for the Toure family, but big brother (Kolo) should win so everyone in the family could be happy."

I know most Gooners would be ecstatic if we could face Barcelona once more in the final.  This time, though, it should end with Billy holding the cup aloft!

The Geriatric says the title race could well come down to goal difference.  We wouldn't like that because Man USA have been banging them of late—Arsenal have not.

I think I'll wrap it up with this piece on Cescy, who talks about how the critics fired the team to perform earlier in the season.  A fascinating insight into a fascinating young man.

That's all for now.  More news to come tomorrow.