T'Wolves Midseason Awards

Ben FawkesContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

So that time of the season is upon us, T'Wolves fans. Coach fired? Check. Time to tank? Not quite yet. Therefore before that time is upon us, I felt it necessary to hand out some mid-season awards.


Player Most Likely to Turn on "Beast Mode": Al Jefferson

This seems like an obvious pick but let's face it; the dude is just downright sick. He's averaging 22 and 10 on a team without a clear No. 2 option. He is almost unstoppable down in the post, and the team has played a whole lot better with McHale running the offense through him.


Most Improved Player: Randy Foye

I hate to self-promote, but I did call this at the beginning of the season. Most players selected in the top-10 in the draft are there for a reason and this recent winning streak has been Foye's coming out party.

Am I happy that we traded Roy for him? No, but this deal will turn around quick if Roy experiences some injuries and Foye can keep knocking down clutch threes.

NOTE: Sebastian Telfair deserves some props as well. He has really stepped up and shown the potential to be a decent NBA point guard. He is still too small and gets lost on defense, but I have been impressed with him thus far in the season.


Player Most Likely to Hit Consecutive Threes and then Airball One: Rodney Carney

I have to admit that Carney has been a happy surprise, especially now that McHale has decided to give him some serious playing time. The guy is freakishly athletic, can hit threes and is lanky as hell. However, on more than one occasion this year he has missed badly from downtown.


Player More Washed Up Than Originally Thought: Mike Miller

One of the big pieces of the Draft Day Trade that sent O.J. Mayo to Memphis was Miller. He has not lived up to the billing. Although he has been injured, he's only averaging a tad under 10 points a game and shooting 35 percent from three-point land. Maybe it's time for him to cut his hair a little and start hitting some treys.


Player in Need of More Playing Time: Kevin Love

I have to admit that I was not happy when this trade went down draft night. However, Love has surprised me with his ability to rebound and he should be getting more minutes than he is. Let's be honest: this team isn't going anywhere too fast and will be in the lottery. Doesn't it make sense to give Brian Cardinal's minutes to Love and let him develop?


Most Disappointing Player: Corey Brewer

Unfair? Maybe. But, he clearly has not lived up to expectations and again it appears that the T'Wolves wasted a top-10 draft pick when Al Thornton, Thaddeus Young, or Rodney Stuckey were available. McHale is clearly better on the bench than in the press box.