How Many Rings For LeBron James to be in the Michael Jordan Stratosphere?

PrimeTyme KobyContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

The Number 23. 

Its very compelling because I never thought I would live to see someone wear it and be as legendary as Michael Jordan.  The Harold Miners' of the world have scarred me.  They made me believe donning that jersey number was limiting your greatness.  Enter LeBron James.

From the moment I seen this supreme specimen take the court at SVSM in high school, I was in awe. I can remember a windmill baseline dunk in my mind vividly that made me say to myself that this cannot be real.

I also remember having arguments with my roomates in college about who would be the better pro between my man Carmelo Anthony and this freak of nature.  I actually can't believe they argued with me.  I wasn't so sure about something in my life.

They said it was hype from Nike.  They said Carmelo won a championship at Syracuse "Are you crazy?" I looked at each and every one of them and said "I must be."

Fast Forward to the Opening game.  Cleveland Vs. Sacramento.  We all are sitting in front of the television waiting for the tip off.  48 minutes later; There was no question anymore.  Carmelo is a great player and his accomplishment as Syracuse is second to none, but this is a fight that can't be won.

Now in his sixth season, no one is making that comparison anymore.  Every time he steps on the court I can't help but notice that Number 23.  I remember saying that he should wear a different number.  That is where I was wrong.  Its actually what brings the mystique about him.  He gives an almost equal glow that the third pick in the 1984 Draft gave to donning The Digit.

The question I can't help but ask myself is "How many?" How many rings will it take before it is a legit argument that this one of a kind talent is placed on the mantle with Michael Jordan.  How many will it take for him to surpass Jordan.

Personally if he wins three, I believe he is right there.  Especially he gets no Scottie Pippen, or a Kobe or Wade like Shaquille had for his four rings. 2010 is looming.  The New York factor has been mentioned.  If he can manage to bring multiple titles like Walt Frazier and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe (Phil Jackson as well), I believe it becomes even more interesting that he restore the feeling back in the Mecca of Basketball. 

The Greatest on Arena on Earth; Madison Square Garden.  Even His Airness himself couldn't help but get a chill out of performing on Broadway.  Jordan against the Bulls made for a great play like Les Miserables or Cats.

Lebron winning titles would be like the play "Annie".  "Its hard knock life for us" That's the voices of Jim Dolan, Spike Lee and the rest of the Garden Faithful. Besides, his great friend Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter made a Billboard smash out of a sample from the play.  Do you feel the cinergy?

I never thought no one could sniff the Jordan Mantle, besides Kobe Bryant. But I think he blew the chance in Game 6 versus the Celtics in last year's Finals.  He has to focus on getting one just to get that can't win without Shaq monkey off his back.  You can't help but think that the spirit of Shaq was helping James Posey and Crew take Kobe out of his game...But back to the topic at hand.

Lebron has a long way to go to get there, but the talent is undeniable.  If anyone could do it, it will definitely be King James. But Michael Jordan is safe for now.  This a story that could pick up steam after this year, because The Cavs with home court advantage is just down right scary.  June may make all who doubt, "A Witness" as the campaign goes for the young basketball messiah of Akron.