Dear Manchester United: There Is a Sky Blue Monster Knocking at Your Door

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2009

Recently there has been much moaning and gnashing of teeth over the advent of Manchester City gaining new owners who seem to have a stash of cash larger than Aladdin after his lucrative stumbling across a magic lamp.

All sorts of possible outcomes have been thrown up by all manner of writers.

"Is it the end of football?" they ask in melodramatic tones. "It's terrible for the game!" they cry in bouts of hypocrisy almost equal to George W Bush and his condemnation of nations who dare to have WMD's if they are not the USA.

Manchester City now represent something that has been a part of football since the inception of the modern professional era. The club that suddenly has loads of cash and the ambition to do something with it.

It is almost as if many people who comment on the situation have forgotten that the game is reliant on and controlled by economic factors and always has been.

Another thing that is forgotten when people refer to City as "the new Chelsea" is that Chelsea had been building for eight to ten years before they finally got the financial muscle to push on and win the title.

Manchester City have suddenly received a massive boost in resources but in reality have had little time to use these resources in the push for tangible results.

These things however are actually an aside from the real story, the real story here is much more worrying for those who follow the club who Manchester City have been in the rather large shadow of for many years now.

The real story that has been buried beneath all this, but is very much a part, involves a Scot who took Aberdeen to Europe and then took the top job at one of the biggest and most famous clubs in the world.

Sir Alex Ferguson, love him or hate him, is management masterclass.

United struggled for two decades to find the right formula before he came along.

It was not a sudden transformation either, in fact it took him four years to land his first trophy with United, the 1990 FA cup. No such thing as overnight success in top level football, I'm Sorry.

But the scariest thing for United fans now is that their beloved Gaffer is getting quite long in the tooth and may soon call it a day, ending an association that has seen United become recognised as the premier club in the world.

Add to the mix their old enemy suddenly becoming the richest club in the world and you have a recipe for a devilish disaster!

Suddenly it is not going to be so cut and dry for those who call themselves fans of Manchester United, they may in fact find themselves very soon standing by watching as the blue half of Manchester parade trophies about the city.

It is all very well being a strong club and having a tradition of results and players but look at what happened to Liverpool when Dalglish resigned. Suddenly the trophies dried up! No-one thought it possible, but it was.

This is the very real possibility that stares legions of United faithful in the face, they are going to lose their manager, which takes any club time to recover from and the club they most love to hate and lord it over is now in the early stages of building for a prolonged assault at the summit of Europe and maybe even world football.

This story is just beginning, I am intrigued to see how it unfolds in the next few years.