WrestleMania 28: Biggest Storylines Heading into WWE's Top Event

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMarch 22, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

WrestleMania 28 will live up to massive worldwide hype it has been earning. 

With the biggest WWE event of the year less than 11 days away, there are plenty of questions the fans are asking themselves. Some of the questions involve the match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Other questions are about the epic rematch between HHH and the Undertaker. Most of the questions are about the one of the biggest matches in WWE history between the Rock and John Cena

There is no doubt that some of the story-lines have made plenty of fans anxious about the show, especially the one involving the Rock and John Cena.

Will the Rock and John Cena match live up to the yearlong hype?

Without a doubt, it will. This match will not only live up to the hype, it might actually exceed it.

The constant back and forth between the two superstars has been classic to say the least. The Rock has had his own classic moments like his “Rock concert” and his “history lessons”. Cena has been hearing a better pop as of late, as well, because of his Dr. of Thuganomics rap and the new found passion behind his promos.

What the fans really want to know is if the match will be as exciting as the golden promos the two have been having. Of course it will. The Rock and Cena are both not well known for their wrestling ability because most of their popularity comes from their mic work. Although Cena may be pedestrian in the ring most nights and the Rock doesn’t really steal the show on non-PPV’s, when it comes down to a big match both of these competitors usually bring it hard. 

Expect nothing less from two of the biggest names in WWE history on the biggest night of the year for the company. This match will be better than the Hulk Hogan and Rock match, and it will also be the best match of the night.

Will Shawn Michaels favor HHH or the streak?

This is something that the fans may be going back and forth about.

Shawn Michaels and HHH are best friends, so one would assume that HBK would help out his best buddy. This may not be the case here. The two have been having their own battle of words and it seems like there might be some sort of jealousy issue on HHH’s part. The Undertaker has done a great job of provoking HHH to think that he is inferior to his buddy HBK.

The mind game that the Undertaker has been playing with the two has forced HHH to act out and claim that he can complete the job that HBK could not—ending the streak. 

Will this force HBK to help Undertaker win to preserve the streak, because he is the only one that wanted to end it? Or will his loyalty to his best friend help him outweigh his gigantic ego? 

Apparently HBK already knows who is going to win the match, but the world won’t know until April 1.

Will CM Punk still be the champion and the best in the world?

Prior to Chris Jericho’s return to the WWE, there was no one man that was better or bigger than Punk. Ever since his classic promos prior to Money in the Bank and the match between him and John Cena, no one has been able to surpass Punk’s greatness—except for Jericho.

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Jericho has found a way to be more controversial than Punk with his recent stabs at Punk’s family. He has also pinpointed all of Punk’s moves and actions, and claims that Punk stole them all from him and that Punk is a wannabe. 

Punk was the one that would come out and pick on other superstars. Punk was the one that would make controversial statements and do controversial things. Punk was the best in the world at doing all this, but everyone seemed to forget that Jericho was the best in the world at all of that.

Although Jericho has made a career out of doing what Punk has been doing, as of late, Punk has had his fair share of jaw dropping moments. Don’t think for one second that Jericho will rattle Punk when they meet face to face to determine who the WWE Champion is, and more importantly, which one is the best in the world.

Who will be the GM that runs both shows?

This one may not seem as important as it will after WrestleMania is over. This matchup is actually the most important one of the night.

If John Laurinaitis and his team defeat Teddy Long and his squad, it might be tough for the WWE fans and all those that enjoy the excitement the WEE brings. Although Johnny calls himself “Mr. Excitement”, there is nothing too exciting about him and hoarse voice.

If Team Long wins, there will be much more excitement on both shows because Long knows exactly how to give the fans what they want. He does not get involved in matches the way Johnny Ace does, which means there will be more clean finishes.

Although the teams have not been fully set up, betting money says that team Laurinaitis will win because he has arguably the best wrestler in the match, Dolph Ziggler.

With only one more episode of Monday Night Raw, two more episodes of Smackdown and 11 days in total left to WrestleMania, the excitement levels have never been higher. This WrestleMania has all the makings of being the best ever, and it might be tough to argue with that once the show comes to a close. 


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