The Furious Five (Plus One) Superstars Who Could Headline Wrestlemania 25

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 15, 2009

Recently, an aspiring writer dropped an article not only expressing his gratitude to Randy Orton, but also promoting a RKO-Main Event at Wrestlemania 25. With the greatest spectacle in WWE history on the horizon, and the Hall of Fame Ceremony already getting the majority of fan interaction, I think we should take a closer look at who could main event Wrestlemania.

These names are not in any specific order...ANY!!

#1) Randy Orton

I will agree that The Legend Killer has gotten one huge push since returning from his collarbone injury. But considering the superstars that were left after The Chase to the Rumble qualifying matches, I'm surprised they didn't make the push for Orton to be Champion or vying for it at The Rumble. The good news for Orton is that he has a lot of backup heading into The Rumble when it's time for the main main event.

The way that it's set up now, it looks as if Orton is the perfect teacher to young heels on RAW. That benefits his push for Wrestlemania main event status. The bad news for him is that he was looked over for JBL for this main event in less than two weeks. But that's not really bad news considering the kid has a huge arsenal of talent, and that's not just a compliment for Orton.

He has been called a Viper over the past year, and there's a reason for that. One swift kick from Orton, and you'll be visiting the dentist soon after. Orton was the reason for Cena's departure in late 2007. Orton was the reason that Punk was unable to defend the gold at Unforgiven last year, prompting the Era-cho of Jericho. And let's not forget Orton's latest victim: The Animal, Batista.

He walked into last year's Wrestlemania as WWE Champion...but will he leave this year's Wrestlemania as World Heavyweight Champion? Or is he just nothing more than a blip on the radar of Vince McMahon's Illegitimate Lovechild?

#2) Jack Swagger

He's undefeated. He's cocky. He's arrogant. And now, he's the new ECW Champion. But how long will his reign at the top last? Instead of having the title change hands at a pay per view that a majority of the country can see, they decided to have Swagger become champion on its weekly show...that only half the country actually gets to see.

And considering what's on Sci-Fi these days, it's no surprise that ECW is the most watched program on it. It's the only one that doesn't have aliens probing humans...unless you count Boogeyman as an alien.

Either way, he is the ECW Champion. But there are a lot of guys more deserving of the title than Jack Swagger. No question that Swagger is a phenomenal and gifted athlete. But having Matt Hardy drop the championship to someone that people barely know as opposed to having Hardy battle the likes of Tommy Dreamer (who is set to retire in the next few months), Mark Henry (who has been involved in a rivalry with Hardy for months) or even former ECW Champions Chavo Guerrero (who happens to be Vickie's nephew and nemesis of Matt's brother Jeff) and John Morrison (who continues to get main event push despite not being solely on ECW is the dumbest thing WWE has done thus far.

Swagger has the skills, and he could possibly do what many expect: Swagger could be a member of Money in the Bank, win the match, make history and even challenge for the gold that very night. His downside: No one really knows who the guy is. Can you say, Paper Champion?

#3) The Hardys

They've been a huge part of every Wrestlemania they've been in. From Ladder Matches to TLC Matches to Money in the Bank, having either Hardy in the main event at Wrestlemania would be a fitting tribute to these two never-say-die souls. For Matt, it would be a fitting ending to a year filled with multiple storylines. For Jeff, it would be a culmination of a rough year that ended with WWE Gold.

They both have been midcarders at best mainly because of their lack of single matches. They do extremely well as a tag team, and having them either facing someone else (or even each other for a championship) would be a perfect ending to Wrestlemania.

We have seen tag team partners face each other at Wrestlemania before, and the matches were phenomenal. Imagine having the tough as nails Matt Hardy facing his high flying brother Jeff Hardy for the WWE or even the ECW Championship. Imagine all the people who would come out of the woodworks to have these two hating each other by the time Wrestlemania came around.

Randy Orton is a good choice...but I think The Hardys would be better. Hardy vs. Hardy? Who wouldn't want to watch that one?

#4) Chris Jericho

Now I know what you're thinking. "Ron, why would you include this guy in the mix?" I'm thinking about all the people who were cheering their heads off when Chris Jericho was announced as 2008 Superstar of the Year. Bear in mind that Jericho did win the World Heavyweight Championship twice last year.

He also has been a part of the Money in the Bank. He has headlined Wrestlemania before (only to lose to a returning Triple H). Jericho's biggest credential: While Orton was battling Triple H for the WWE Championship, Jericho was battling Shawn Michaels over a fake leg injury that escalated into something more. It's funny how Orton and Jericho's paths never crossed during their battles with DX, but they crossed just weeks before the Royal Rumble.

If Randy Orton is going to headline Wrestlemania, then he should face Chris Jericho. The reason? To finish the Armageddon Main Event they never got to finish (Thanks, JBL). A Heel vs. Heel match is something rarely seen at Wrestlemania. But we have to suffer through a face vs. face match for the title again? Not good business.

One man claims to be the greatest wrestler in the world. Another claims to be the only man deserving to be World Champion. Considering it was Orton's Punt on Punk that led to Jericho becoming World Heavyweight Champion and not even getting a simple thank you from Jericho afterwards, this would be just as good a match as anything on the card that night.

#5) Christian Cage

We all know what is going on in this situation. No matter what anyone says, Christian Cage is not on injury leave in Gail Kim, he is gone from TNA. And also like Kim, he is coming to WWE. We just don't know when that will happen, yet. Cage is set to return as he has been seen backstage at recent WWE events, and he's set to return either at Royal Rumble or at Wrestlemania.

But what would it be like to have Cage return as a face, Edge be WWE Champion and have the two battle it out for the gold? People will say that this isn't fair since Cage hasn't proven himself yet. But if you all are expecting Randy Orton to be at Wrestlemania, despite not being back for that long, you have to throw Cage in.

After being a headlining main eventer in TNA for quite some time, there is no way that he'll come back and not be in the talk for a shot at any of the major championships. And if WWE wants to keep Cage with them for a good while, they might want to consider that. They gave the same push to why not his illustrious former tag team partner?

But in all seriousness, John Cena has headlined the last four Wrestlemanias. If he is indeed the man that will walk into Houston as World Heavyweight Champion, he will need either a heel push or a face push. Cena was impressive as a heel, but the fans have yet to embrace him as a face (three years later).

And is Edge truly the future of SmackDown? For years it's been either Triple H or Shawn Michaels as the big dog in the yard called Wrestlemania. We already know that The Undertaker will be looking to continue that flawless streak at the show. But seeing Randy Orton go in as Champion was a nice change of scenery.

Seeing him walk out was just as good. However, in order to give everyone the main event they rightfully deserve, a series of fortunate (as well as unfortunate) events has to happen between now and Wrestlemania 25.

But that's another story for another day.