Where Would They Be if They Weren't Wrestling Superstars?

Daris BrownSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2009

A lot of WWE and TNA superstars are so multitalented that if they weren't succeeding in the ring, they'd be shinning out of it. Here's a few of your favorite superstars and what life would've been like if they'd never laced up the boots.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Before he was a foul mouth, finger waving, baddest dude on the planet, Texas rattlesnake, he was a foul mouth, finger waving, baddest dude on the planet, dock loader. And if he never step foot in "Gentleman" Chris Adams's school, he'd be back at the docks throwing your stuff around just any way he pleased. (Yeah, I know baddest isn’t a word…but it sounds so cool.)


Destined for greatness, Sting found his calling in the square-circle. Had he not accepted the initiation by a manager looking for a fourth stable member one sunny day in his California gym, Steve Borden would be movie star turned evangelist.

Before making his way to Nashville, TN, Steve was a wannabe actor. He failed on multiple occasions to land an acting gig, and was becoming tired of his life as a gym owner. But the Lord's plan was for him to get famous so that he could better reach the masses. Had he not stood out in pro wrestling, his talents would have blossomed on the big screen. Chalk this one up to divine intervention.

Shad Gaspard


Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo… YO. Nicknamed the Beast growing up, if Shad wasn’t a WWE superstar he’d be putting fear in your heart. A trained boxer since the age of five, Shad has competed in hundreds of MMA and boxing matches through the years. He started competing at the age of 16, often times against men twice his age.


Put it this way, if you question how bad Shad truly is, just recognize that he was once the bodyguard for the most feared man of the ‘90s, “Iron” Mike Tyson. Shad will probably be out in Hollywood rubbing elbows with celebrities and tossing off obsessed B/R writers who got too close.


Jeff Hardy

A whisper in the wind, poetry in motion, the enigma that is Jeff Hardy. Even as the world heavyweight champion, Jeff Hardy continues to search within himself to discover who he truly is.

And if he were not the rainbow haired warrior that is poster-ized on the walls of 14-year-old girls around the world, Jeff would be known as Crazy Jeff.

Everyone knows had that one kid in high school that was a little different than everyone else. Always asking the "what ifs" and "is the sky really blue" kinds of questions. That's Jeff.

And that same quirky mentality is why Jeff would be a renowned sculptor and painter. If you've seen any videos with Jeff then you know even he doesn't know half the stuff that comes to his mind. Edge once wondered what it'd be like to spend time inside Jeff's head, if only for a day. Jeff is truly an artist at heart.

Ken Kennedy

Before serving mic checks, Mr. Kennedy could be found patrolling grounds. That's right, he was Miiiisterrrrr Rent-A-Cop...Rent-A-Cop. But don't get it twisted, his future wasn't in patrolling the books at your local library. In fact it was just the opposite.

If Ken Kennedy was hit the ropes, he'd still be hitting the mic. The mass media major would be spinning the hits at your favorite radio station. After all, he's the man with golden voice.


Santino Marella

Known for getting slapped in the face by Jim Cornette, and more recently as one half of Glamorella, Santino warns you not to take his role as a comedic wrestler lightly. Just four months prior to his arrival in Ohio Valley, Santino was a MMA practitioner in Japan. His goals to make it big as a MMA fighter got put on hold when his visas expired, by a day, and he was suspended for a year.

He made his way back to North America and went on to become the funniest man in the WWE today. If he hadn’t he might’ve found his way into your living room via the UFC. With a 6-1 record, the former judo expert had all the tools he needed to be successful.  

Samoa Joe


No nonsense, non-stop, never say quite all, describes the fearless Samoa Joe. But few would recognize the man known for pushing his weight around, in the man who used to paper around. If Joe wasn’t headlining on wrestling cards across the country, you might find him at his old job, behind a desk as a mortgage broker.