Top Five Reasons Kansas City Chiefs Coach Herm Edwards Is Staying Put

NFLGridironGabSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2009

With the much speculated hiring of G.M. Scott Pioli official the next question becomes what will happen with Herm Edwards. More often than not, a new G.M. will want to bring in his own guy to coach the team regardless of the success or failures of the previous coach, but there have been instances were the new G.M. retained the current coach .

Eight years ago Jerry Angelo was brought on board as the Bears G.M. and with the coaching market plucked dry by the time of his hire he decided to keep then current coach Dick Jauron. That season the Bears went 13-3 and Jauron was kept around for two more seasons after that. While Herm Edwards' future is uncertain it is not a lock he will automatically be let go, actually despite national media reports there are several factors which could lead to his return.

5. Owner Clark Hunt likes Herm (still owes him $3 million): Clark Hunt truly likes Coach Herm Edwards as a person and does believe he is the man to lead the Chiefs in the future whether Scott Pioli believes that is a separate question. Clark Hunt interviewed over a half dozen candidates and negotiated with Pioli for over a week, a person does not conduct such a search without being open-minded to bringing in a new head coach. With that being said it does not hurt to have the person signing the checks to be on your side.

4 . Pioli needs somebody to bridge the gap: Pioli said himself in his press conference,  part of the evaluation process of the players currently on the team will be how they performed on film last season, not only the play they made but what they were asked to do on that play.

That is information which can only be answered by someone on the coaching staff. Herm wont dissect the entire 2008 season with Pioli just to be let go from his job, If Pioli wants a true evaluation of this young team, Pioli might need to keep Herm for at least a season.

3. Consistency: With so many players on this team having just completed their first season in the NFL the Chiefs will need some stability, 12 draft picks from last year and at least four of the undrafted rookie free agents the Chiefs brought in could be on the roster next year, 33 percent of the players on the roster. You do not want 33 percent of your players to have their third different head coach in three years.

If Herm Edwards is retained, the core of players can step into a familiar situation and build off of their rookie seasons.

2. Herm was short changed from the beginning: From the outside looking in, most people assume Herm Edwards inherited the best offense in the NFL and a team that came up one game short of the playoffs the previous season. They would be correct but he also inherited a team which had Willie Roaf retire, Priest Holmes on the injured reserve,  an unhappy Larry Johnson, a QB (Trent Green) who lasted one game, and then Will Sheilds retired.

On top of all that, Herm was saddled with a G.M. (Carl Peterson) who resisted the rebuild for two seasons.

1. There are no Pioli guys available: The best news Herm Edwards could have possibly heard is when the Broncos announced the signing of Josh McDaniels as their head coach. McDaniels had been paged as the coach in waiting where ever Pioli went but McDaniels could not wait. Other names have been thrown out like Kirk Ferentz of Iowa who has a history with Pioli but is also coaching his son who just completed his junior season, hard to see dad not sticking around for his son?s senior year.

Also, Steve Spagnuolo's name has been thrown out there as a Herm replacement but his name has lost some of it's luster since the Giants late-season collapse.

Mike Shanahan is a veteran coach who remains a possibility but after so many season in Denver hiring Mike might cause a fan revolt. Pioli may want to stick with Herm for a season and see what candidates are available in 2010.