WrestleMania 28: 3 Reasons We Need to See Stone Cold Steve Austin at WM 29

Jonathan Clark@JCNextContributor IIIMarch 21, 2012

Stone Cold is still arguably the biggest name the WWE has ever known. He fits into a handful of guys like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, HBK and, dare I say it, John Cena of guys who's names are known far beyond the four corners of a wrestling ring.

While we've gotten to see numerous legends make their way back one has kind of been on the outskirts of it all. While nothing major has been planned yet as of WrestleMania 28, it would be great to see Austin at WrestleMania 29 in some kind of capacity and there are three main reasons why.  


To interact one last time

The biggest pop at WrestleMania 27 came from a 45 second interaction between The Rock and Stone Cold. Stone Cold interacting with the festivities may be the closest we see him in a ring again.

We all knew he wasn’t going to start a feud with The Rock last year but the interaction allowed fans to reminisce. He’s had other fun interactions over the last year as well, from his little squabble with CM Punk to stunning JBL on Raw. He can be just as entertaining outside the ring as in it and if we can’t seem him wrestle seeing him interact for a longer period of time would be the next best thing. 


To possibly give us one final match

But what if he could wrestle? Say what you want, but after WrestleMania 29 there will be no more “attitude.”  We’ll see The Rock, we’ll see Chris Jericho and we’ll probably see Triple H. But after that, it’s over.

It would be sweet to see Stone Cold get into a match, against anybody. If anyone has seen his movies as of late, the man is in great shape. Neck and back injuries will always be an issue though and I’d rather see Stone Cold not risk himself if he really can’t do it.

While one final match is a dream, if it were to become a reality it would be a great way to finally put his legend and attitude era to rest.


To give us closure

Like a bad breakup, Attitude-era fans need closer believe it or not. Somehow we went from “Attitude” to “Ruthless Aggression” to PG seemingly overnight. Most people tend to have different opinions on when the Attitude era actually died and that’s the problem. It shows that we kind of had a new era ushered in without realizing it and suddenly it’s all around us.

Of course WWE doesn’t have the same fanbase or popularity like it did during the WWF days which is part of the reason why so many guys have come back. With The Rock, Jericho, Triple H, Undertaker and HBK all back for WrestleMania 28, it shows that WWE is trying to win back fans and being hopeful that they stay on afterwards. But while seeing these guys back is fun, in order to really help completely bring in the new era we need Stone Cold.

We need to know what happening with everyone so that we can finally accept it, move on and not speculate anymore.