WWE WrestleMania 28: 7 Good Reasons to Support a John Cena Victory over Rock

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WWE WrestleMania 28:  7 Good Reasons to Support a John Cena Victory over Rock

As both a fervent Cena critic and a passionate CM Punk fan and supporter, I've finally managed to come to a reasonable compromise regarding WrestleMania 28's outcomes...

For a while now, I've been under the impression that the only way I could walk away from watching the WrestleMania 28 broadcast happy is either if Cena turned heel or Rock beat him. I've come to realize that, ultimately, as unlikely as both of those possibilities are, everything's going to be okay in the end!

I recently read an article stating five reasons to be on Cena's side during the match. In fact, there have been quite a few. Not to skunk fellow writers (who will remain nameless), but the reasons stated were flimsy, weak and not convincing whatsoever.

So many of us here in the Internet Wrestling Community criticize Cena for being a corporate puppet that does nothing to make wrestling interesting and just tows the company line, trots off on photo ops and insists on fooling people into thinking that he's "edgy," "rebellious" and "mature," yet has a heart of gold to match that.

And here WE are, as the ever smart, cutting-edge and witty IWC, coming up with the same nonsense reasons why an IWC pariah should be cheered, towing our line just as heartily. "It's good for business;" "it's what the kids want;" "it draws ratings." Blah blah blah. Same old song and dance, and none of it gets any more accurate.

These kinds of arguments are not helping, not working, and they're proving more counterproductive by the day. All they serve to do is make the casual visitor to these sites think we're losers who support the cult way of thinking, and some of us actually have bigger intentions in mind.

So, the fervent Cena critic that I am, I'd like to present my SEVEN reasons to support a Cena victory.

DISCLAIMER: These are real reasons. Notice, no "HUMOR" tag at the beginning. These are real arguments; they're genuine insights and are not intended to be sarcastic, fatalistic, or overly cynical in any way. Do they come with an immense amount of criticism? Sure! But they're real reasons that I do believe.

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