Should the New York Giants Take Plax Back or Tell Him To Pack?

Ryne FagerContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

So the New York Giants play more like a fictional, Rick Moranis-coached Pee-Wee team for a few weeks, and all of a sudden they are begging for their sharp-shooting wideout back?

Let's get my rant out of the way early. What happens if you are out having a drink and someone sits down next to you with an unregistered firearm and ends up firing it?

Think about it. Accident or no accident, it was a felony. Plax, you can't just tote around an illegal firearm in your elastic waste band, go have a drink, have a professional doctor lie on reports, and then just go back to normal.

I am sorry, but that makes you a criminal, right? I have a lifetime firearms permit that cost me $175. I think Plax could swing that out of his weekly allowance.

I just have a hard time understanding this thought process. Jeremy Shockey stands up to a bitter old coach and gets shipped out of town, but Plax commits felonies and they can't wait to have him back in the locker room? What he did was morally corrupt and against the laws of the state of New York.

He has to be punished severely.

The Giants do still have a while to wait before the decision is theirs, though. The state and its courts get to deal with Burress first. Then I hope Commisioner Goodell will stick to his ways and throw a "Giant" suspension on. But, if Plax were to somehow escape all of this, which people with millions sometimes do, and the Giants take him back with no serious repercussions, I hope it bites them hard.

I am not totally stupid, though. I know that 244 catches, 3,681 yards, and 33 TDs since '05 is hard to just say goodbye to.

That being said, Coach Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese need to figure out if they are still the same high standard-holding people they were a few years ago when they sent all their "trouble" players packing.