Fausto Carmona and 25 Major League Baseball Names That Have to Be Fake

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Fausto Carmona and 25 Major League Baseball Names That Have to Be Fake
David Maxwell/Getty Images

Fausto Carmona was living a lie. For his entire career he was using a false name.

His real name was Jackwagon Slim.  Just kidding.  No, Carmona's birth name is "Roberto Hernandez".


That's pretty much the equivalent of going from "Megatron McMichaels" to Chris Smith.  


Oh well, what can you do?  It's not like Fausto...er...Roberto was the first player to use a false name.  

Remember Leo Nunez?  Turns out he was neither a Leo nor a Nunez.  Real name:  Juan Carlos Oviedo. Hey, that's much cooler than Roberto Hernandez at least.   

A few weeks ago, the Miami Marlins' slugger Mike Stanton issued a statement that he was going to drop the "Mike" in favor of his middle name.  Now, he's "Giancarlo" Stanton.

How cool is that?  Not only is Giancarlo a super-awesome name, but it also moves the former left-handed reliever—Mike Stanton—back onto the leader board for best big leaguer named Mike Stanton. 

Everybody wins.  

Here's a list of some of the best/worst names of big leaguers of all-time.  Some are downright disturbing while others are just flat-out goofy.  Either way, they're all quite entertaining...and, believe it or not, not one of them is fake.  


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