Chicago Blackhawks: 4 Most Important Games Left in Season

James Maahs@Jmaz90Contributor IIIMarch 22, 2012

Chicago Blackhawks: 4 Most Important Games Left in Season

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    The playoffs are just around the corner and the Chicago Blackhawks have only seven games left in the regular season.

    The Blackhawks will have to win three or four games in order to clinch a playoff spot, a challenge that doesn't look to be as hard as it once did earlier in the season.

    In the remaining eight games the Blackhawks will matchup against five playoff bound teams. Only the Minnesota Wild will fail to qualify for the playoffs.

    The Blackhawks will have to show that they are ready for the playoffs, with or without Jonathan Toews.

    These are the four most important games left in the season.

Nashville Predators

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    Who would have thought that the Nashville Predators would be the favorites to win the Western Conference?

    Regardless the Blackhawks will have to play the pesky Predators twice more before they venture off into the playoffs. And the task will prove to be a difficult one as the Predators are a defensively sound team.

    The Blackhawks are 1-3-0 against the Predators this season and are looking to improve in the final two games against them.

    But records aside it will go a long way in proving that these Blackhawks can win a Stanley Cup if they can take down the Predators. Only time will tell and that makes these final two games against the Predators very important.

St. Louis Blues

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    Being the top team in the NHL, the St. Louis Blues will be a tough task for the Blackhawks to handle.

    Though the Blackhawks have a winning record against the Blues at 3-2-0. 

    Make no mistake the last game against the Blues this season will be a gritty, chirpy and very physical battle. Both teams will see this as a statement game heading into the playoffs. Can the Blackhawks put their foot down and prove that they are the top in the West?

New Jersey Devils

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    The Blackhawks have yet to face off against the New Jersey Devils this season, but make no mistake, this will be an important game to win.

    The Devils are a playoff-bound team in the Eastern Conference and the Blackhawks need to prove that they can beat a hungry team.

    Two points is two points and the Blackhawks need to come out and play this game as if they're desperate for the win.

Detroit Red Wings

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    Every game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings is a big one. So why would the very last game of the season not be the same?

    It might even be a first-round matchup preview game heading into the playoffs.

    Regardless, it is always nice to see the Blackhawks take down the Red Wings. Winning the final game of the season against the Wings might help the Blackhawks gain the confidence needed in order to make a deep playoff run.