Top 10 Fantasy Wrestling Matches of All Time

Razi Syed@raz427Correspondent IJanuary 15, 2009

We often wonder what would it like to have an all time great competing vs another all time great dont we? For example, Ruth vs Bonds, Ali vs Tyson, Jordan vs Kobe, and now in WWE the Hogans vs the Cenas. These are my top 10 matches I want to see happening if WWE ever wants to gain creditability back.

10) John Cena vs Hulk Hogan Last Man Standing Match. Neither of these superstars can perform a real technical move in the wrestling ring. Both are controversial yet both generate ratings big time. Cena is the new Hogan, with no moves and a mediocre finisher just like his idol.

9) HBK vs Macho Man Ladder Match. Two of the greatest high flyers in the history of this business. HBK became HBK after Macho Man left the WWF in 1994. This would be truly a match for the ages considering both men were great on the mic and in the ring.

8) Austin vs Cena Street Fight. Cena vs Austin, this would be an all out brutal match. Austin was never himself deemed as a pure wrestler and Cena is just well Cena. This would be great for the old school guys who don't give a damn about authority vs the new look guys who never back down from a fight.

7) Undertaker vs HBK Steel Cage match. Undertaker vs HBK, two of the industry's long time tenured wrestlers engage in the most memorable fight since Andre and Hulk in 1987.

6) Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle in an I QUIT match. Hart vs Angle, the best two technical wrestlers in history. The sharpshooter vs the ankle lock. This match gives me shivers down my spine.

5) Ric Flair (prime) vs HHH (present) steel cage match. The man vs the man to be in about five to 10 years. 16 titles vs 12 titles. Best friends and mentor vs student in this match. Flair always said if he was in his prime he would love to wrestle Trips. Trips is the closest thing to Flair that we will ever see in terms of wrestling ability and mic skills.

4) Austin vs Orton in a first blood match. Orton is a legend killer, Austin is one of the all time legends in this business. Orton's ability to hit the RKO vs Austin's stunner. Simply a pure hellacious match.

3) Triple H vs Bret Hart in a last man standing match. Hart vs HHH. Best example of pure wrestling ability facing each other at its finest.

2) Andre the Giant vs Undertaker Punjabi Prison Match. Two of the biggest phenoms in WWE history. Current vs former. It would take a freight train to stop these wrestlers.

1) The Rock vs HBK iron man match. The people's champion vs the showstopper. Rock bottom vs sweet chin music. Rock vs HBK would be the most impressive match in WWE history. Rock cannot stand HBK and vice versa. This would surpass Hogan vs Rock at WM 17.