Randy Couture Answers, 'Was Brock Lesnar the Strongest Guy You've Ever Faced?'

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2012


Recently, theScore's Arda Ocal caught up with MMA legend Randy Couture at his Xtreme Couture gym in Toronto.

Among the topics discussed are his new book, "The Last Round," which chronicles his 27-year career as the most decorated fighter and champion in UFC history, expansion of the Xtreme Couture gym, any possible regrets he may have concerning his MMA career and his fight with former three-time WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Arda asked Couture if Lesnar was the "strongest guy he faced in the Octagon."

Couture, of course, gives a very diplomatic answer, stating that at 290 lbs. Lesnar isn't "weak by any stretch of the imagination," but that all the guys he's faced have been strong.

Lesnar isn't the only WWE superstar Couture has been associated with. Recently, he was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame alongside former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry. Other members of the class of 2012 include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Lalanne.

So while Couture may not say if Lesnar is in fact the strongest opponent he's ever faced, he can certainly say that he's a Hall of Famer alongside the World's Strongest Man!

Check out the entire interview at the link below:

Arda Ocal's interview with Randy "The Natural" Couture


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