My Top Five WWE Wrestlers from 1990-Present

Razi SyedCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

I am a WWE fan since 1994 at the age of nine. I have witness the great legends like Triple H, Rock, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Austin, Foley, and HBK. So for my top five list there really isn't much think about.

This list composes the following: Number of World Titles won, impact matches, pure wrestling ability, charisma, pure dominance.

5) Shawn Michaels. Four Time Heavyweight Champion, Original Triple Crown Winner, The legendary match with "The Hitman" and many more. No wrestler has been able to do more with given less. Michaels, has the ability to make it an aerial high paced match or grind it out and wrestle on the mat floor. His biggest strength is to adapt to his opponent.

Match of his career: Wrestlemania 10 vs Razor Ramon. The first ever ladder match for the IC title. Often imitated but never duplicated this match is the standard of all ladder matches to ever come across the industry.

4) Kurt Angle. Angle is the only Olympic gold medal winner in wrestling history. He has two world titles to his resume. Angle, was a classic to watch in the ring. His mic skills  were never that great but when you stepped into the ring with him you knew you he was going to bring 100% pure intensity.

Match of his career: Wrestlemania XIX against Brock Lesnar in which he defeated Brock in a highly tested match. Angle left the WWE way too early and on a sour note. I only hope that Vince realizes that he must induct him into the HOF once his TNA career is over.

3) Bret Hart. The " Excellence of Execution" as he was so often labeled. Hart a seven time world champion, and arguably the greatest technical wrestler that has ever lived. Hart's WWE career also was cut way too short with the infamous "Montreal Screwjob."

Match of his career: Montreal Screwjob 1997 Survivor Series. If you want to learn why Hart had the respect of the fans and his peers look no further in then when he won his first WWF Title vs Ric Flair. Although the match was not televised on tv, it showed Hart's dedication and passion to become a champion.

2) Undertaker. 16-0 at Wrestlemania, six time world champion, and the best ring entrance in the history of sports entertainment. He has beaten EVERYONE that there is to beat. From Hogan all the way to Batista. He has methodically and sadistically out wrestled, outclassed and outsmarted his way to becoming an all time legend. It's no wonder why Vince thinks of Taker as the gatekeeper to the WWE.

Match of his career: Wrestlemania XIII vs Sycho Sid for his second world title and first in almost seven years.

1) Triple H. Yes, he has slept his way to the top of the industry. Yes he lost to Taker at Wrestlemania 17. But with the pressure of being Vince's son in law and Shane's brother in law, doesn't he have to be in top matches year in and year out or otherwise people will question his ethic, ability and desire to be the greatest of all time.

He has won the world title 12 times. He is tied with Hulk Hogan for second all time in wrestling history. He has the two best stables since the Hart Foundation and the Four Horseman. Triple H is the most cold blooded the most diabolical and the most intelligent wrestler since Ric Flair in his prime. He has beaten everyone except the guy at No. 2. Some people argue that he lost to Undertaker so he shouldn't be No. 1.

I disagre. The guy has been out for almost one year total with his two quad injuries. He is obessed with beating Flair's 16 time world title record. He is only 39 and if he stays healthy he can surpass that within the next five or six years. Triple H is the most dominant wrestler since Hulk Hogan or Bruno Sammartino. He has seven WWE titles and six world heavyweight titles. He has conquered both smackdown and raw.

To make this understandable he has won the the title twelve times in almost ten years. And almost three of four of his reigns are before he married Stephanie McMahon. He has put stars such as Cena, Orton, Batista, and Jeff Hardy to win the titles. The only thing missing from this resume...

...A win against Taker in Houston at Wrestlemania 25. If that happens then Triple H is not only the greatest wrestler in the past 20 years, he is the best wrestler in the history of this industry. Taking out the "Joe DiMaggio" record of pro wrestling. Here is to "The Game", Woooooooo!