WWE News: Lord Tensai's First Feud & Storyline

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2012

Photo courtesy of Wrestlezone.com
Photo courtesy of Wrestlezone.com

Wrestlezone.com posted a picture which seems to end the small percentage of doubt that could still be out there that Matt Bloom isn't returning to WWE as Lord Tensai.

Reports across the web suggest that Lord Tensai will be some sort of henchman for John Laurinaitis and is going to be in a top spot on the roster.

Lord Tensai being the person who Laurinaitis has been texting would make a lot of sense. Big Johnny is still shown mysteriously texting at times.

The mystery of who the executive vice president of talent relations is texting is something that initially started out with plans of culmination at Survivor Series with some sort of hostile takeover involving The Miz, R-Truth, Kevin Nash and Vince McMahon. WWE, most notably Vince McMahon, changed tentative plans on paper many times in the months of September and October for what they wanted to do.

In the end, nothing was every really explained and who is on the other end of Johnny's texting has remained open for closure.

Lord Tensai comes in and has his first feud with CM Punk. Since Lauriniaitis becoming a regular on-screen character, Punk has been his prime nemesis. Lord Tensai, played by Matt Bloom, has experience working diverse styles which would benefit the quality of matches we would see with him and CM Punk.


The only other top name that he could feud with would be John Cena, but that doesn't make much sense on several levels.

First, Cena and Laurinaitis haven't had anywhere near the issues with each other that Laurinaitis and CM Punk have.

Second, you want to push Lord Tensai, a new character, as a top heel, put him against a face that the majority cheers for. Post WrestleMania 28, Cena will still have half the crowd loving him, half hating him, give or take depending on the city. It was fine having Kane come back and feud with Cena because Kane is a character who has been around for 15 years. 

Lord Tensai shouldn't speak. When you're a monster, I think silence is your language and give the job of verbal communication to someone who equally hated. The very sound of the raspy voice of Laurinaitis erupts fans, it would be logical fit.

If WWE wanted to commit to back story on how and why Lauriniaitis is involved with Lord Tensai, Lauriniaitis did spend some of his career wrestling in Japan so perhaps is an opening for further explanation there.

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