WWE WrestleMania 28: The Miz Needs to Join Team Teddy

James DoubleUAnalyst IMarch 20, 2012

Last year, The Miz was in the main event of Wrestlemania, defending his WWE championship.

Since then, he's had a hard road, losing his title and struggling for relevance. He paired with R-Truth, got fired, returned, split with Truth and this year has been desperately trying to work every angle to get himself back to the big show.

It's become his entire purpose, and yesterday on Raw, he brought up that King Kong Bundy went from a title match against Hulk Hogan in a cage in WrestleMania II to a tag match featuring dwarf wrestlers in WrestleMania III, calling it the biggest WrestleMania drop-off in history and saying that he was in danger of surpassing that humiliation if he doesn't get involved at WrestleMania.

He then fought Sheamus to impress John Laurinaitis, but failed.

Then Vickie Guerrero announced that her charges, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, were joining Team Laurinaitis. If that is confirmed by Big Johnny, then that means the team is nearly complete, with captain David Otunga, Mark Henry and Christian already chosen. With his failure to impress versus Sheamus, things look bleak on that front.

WWE officials seem to have a plan for Miz, but are tight-lipped.

There are rumblings that Miz might interfere in the Rock/Cena bout, hearkening back to last year's main event when The Rock inserted himself in Miz and Cena's fight. This, of course, is part of the motivation in the Rock/Cena match, and such a run-in would put in some parallels. It is also somewhat fitting for Miz and his motivations, as he sees himself as a must-see, main-event star, so he should be involved in the main event.

I still think it's a mistake.

After all the buildup for the Rock/Cena battle, they need to have a clean fight, if not a clean finish. If WWE can't get itself to put one star over the other, then they need to use disqualification or count-out to get the draw or dirty result. These two titans need to stand alone on that stage, from start to finish.

But the Miz still needs to return to WrestleMania. And if it's a little unusual and unexpected, so much the better.

Yes, Miz thinks he's awesome and must-see, and deserves to be in the main event.

But he's also desperate, just desperate, to get back to WrestleMania and avoid humiliation.

Desperate enough to run in on someone else's match if he can't get one for himself? Sure.

But desperate enough to swallow his pride and come crawling to his last chance?


And it would be so much more interesting and dramatic.

Miz needs to show up on this week's SmackDown, beg Teddy Long for a chance to prove himself and then go out and win.

Then he has to learn to get along with Team Teddy and make his mark on the biggest stage of them all.

This will put a nice twist on what is otherwise a straightforward six-on-six "good guys vs bad guys" match.