WWE: 5 Top Reasons Why Vince McMahon Deserves Our Respect

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMarch 20, 2012

WWE: 5 Top Reasons Why Vince McMahon Deserves Our Respect

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    Vince McMahon is one of the most despised and controversial figures in the history of pro wrestling.

    Many of the Internet Wrestling Community have a habit of calling him a senile old man who lost his golden touch in the very business he monopolized. Many moan and groan either over how tasteless his storylines are or how they are too "kid friendly."

    His reputation is mired by allegations of his female talent on the grounds of sexual harassment. The steroid controversy nearly destroyed the WWE. His dealings outside of wrestling never amounted to the same success as the XFL was a massive failure and WWE studios is dangerously close to being on his death kneel.

    Regardless of all the criticism, allegations and attempts of fans to paint McMahon as the source of all evil, I firmly believe McMahon deserves our utmost respect as deep down he's a human being who has heart that is warm and fuzzy like a kitten.

    I have five indisputable reasons as to why Vincent Kennedy McMahon deserves our respect! 

Willing to Put His Body in Harm's Way

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    Vince McMahon does not sit behind, smoking a Cuban cigar while basking in the glow of his wrestling empire. He wrestled in the ring with such an energetic robust attitude that he could have been mistaken as one of the wrestlers. He shed blood, he took some pretty hard bumps and took A LOT of verbal abuse.

    He has the philosophy where he would not allow a wrestler to do or say something he would not be willing to do. He could have easily been a on-screen authority figure who occasionally take a light bump or two. He could also have not partaken in any storyline and just been on the sideline in the Gorilla Position.

    He earns most of his wrestlers' respect for putting his body on the line, as not everyone who runs a business would do that at any level with their workers.

Willing to Be Humiliated in Front of Millions

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    Vince McMahon has humiliated his fair share of wrestler by approving storylines where a Diva barks like a dog or one of his wrestlers imitating the act of necrophilia to a mannequin.

    Yet, it can be argued that McMahon makes up for it by having himself be a humiliated time and time again. It takes a special kind of boss to willing allow his workers to humiliate himself.

    I can name numerous examples just from the top of my head. You had Stone Cold making McMahon piss himself after pulling a phony pistol which when fired has a flag that the printed words: "Bang 3:16"

    He allowed his own son-in-law to imitate him and later in that same segment gets piles of crap rained down upon him, At WrestleMania 23, he had his head forcibly shaved for the entire world to see. The list goes on and on.

    It's humbling to know that McMahon is willing to do that, as it shows he's fair to his workers as if they are put in a embarrassing storyline, they least have the comforting fact that their own boss has subjected himself to numerous embarrassing moments.

Vince Says Goodbye to Randy Savage

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    Vince McMahon has a difficult task of deciding which talent to keep and which to release. All the wrestlers have their own families to feed and bills to pay. Yet, McMahon has a business to run and sometimes he has to fire some wrestlers to give others their chance or to keep his programming fresh.

    Pro wrestling is a very cutthroat environment that requires McMahon to have some levels of detachment. He still has a heart and some of us saw a glimpse of that heart many years ago during the Attitude Era.

    Randy Savage left the WWE to go work for the WCW, who was the chief competitor of the WWE back in the day.

    McMahon gave a short but very sincere expression of gratitude toward Savage. He wished his good luck and you can see it in the eye's of McMahon that he wished he had one of his best workers and friends back within the WWE.

WWE Tribute to the Troops

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    Tribute to the Troops is designed to honor our men and women who leave their families to fight for us overseas and sometimes they have to sacrifice their lives in order to lay our head in peace at night.

    Vince McMahon has not taken the concept as his idea as he gives all the credit to John "Bradshaw" Layfield, but McMahon deserves credit for continuing the special since 2003.

    McMahon has join his wrestlers overseas in thanking our Americans soldiers for doing their duty for our country for better and for worse. Traveling to war zones is dangerous as there was always the possibility that the wrestlers overseas could have died. 

    Since 2010, the event has been held at forts in the United States. McMahon made the right decision to continue the event, as regardless if the event is held in Iraq or Fort Hood, our troops should always know that we acknowledge their sacrifices and hard work.

The Benoit Tragedy

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    Many of you will voice your displeasure of including any aspect of the The Benoit Tragedy as many of you will have very strong views on the topic. Frankly, McMahon canceling his own storyline death while also dedicating entire episode of Raw for one wrestler was risky and later proved controversial.

    Yet, McMahon gave us all a chance to honor the Benoit that we all loved and cheered for as when revelations of the true nature of Benoit death would make it impossible to mourn for the man as what he did was an unspeakable act.

    In hindsight maybe he should of waited before paying tribute to Benoit in order to find out with clarity what happened surrounding his death.

    McMahon gave us a chance to say goodbye to the Benoit we grew up knowing before the more malevolent version would force McMahon hand's in have to erase Benoit from the WWE as the WWE would not survive in honoring the man before the tragedy occurred.

    McMahon least should have respect for handling the situation as best he could.