Chicago Bears: 3 Reasons Team Will Regret Trading for Brandon Marshall

Justin Keith@justin5keithCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2012

Chicago Bears: 3 Reasons Team Will Regret Trading for Brandon Marshall

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    On the surface, the acquisition of Brandon Marshall by the Chicago Bears looks like a good move.

    Marshall is a top talent at wide receiver in the NFL and can offer the Bears a potent threat on offense. It also gives Jay Cutler a big, physical wide receiver; something that has been missing in the Bears offense as of late.

    However, underlying issues remain with Marshall, and although the Bears didn't give up much in return for Marshall (two third-round draft picks), they will live to regret the trade.

    Here are some reasons why the Bears will have nothing but headaches when it comes to the talented, but maligned wide receiver.

Trouble off of the Field

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    Brandon Marshall just can't avoid sticky situations.

    After his most recent off-the-field issue, Marshall could face disciplinary action by the league because of his multiple incidents away from the NFL.

    Just days before being traded to Chicago, Marshall allegedly punched a 24-year-old woman in the face during an altercation at nightclub in Manhattan.

    This isn't the first incident involving a woman.

    Marshall, 27, was stabbed by his wife in April last year in what she claimed was self-defense. Marshall and his wife have had a history of domestic violence, as they were seen kicking and punching each other in Atlanta just after they were engaged.

    Marshall has had a lengthy wrap sheet since 2004, making it entirely possible that he will not stop his immature ways in Chicago.

Issues with Authority

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    While Brandon Marshall may be a very talented football player, he still has maturity issues that were evident in Denver under coach Josh McDaniels.

    In 2009, Marshall was suspended by the Denver Broncos for conduct detrimental to the team.

    Coach Josh McDaniels said that it wasn't just one issue that led to the suspension, but a series of incidents in practice that led to the decision.

    At the time, Marshall was upset with contract talks and was asking for a trade out of Denver. Some of his antics in practice were brought to light by ESPN:

    Marshall went out during pre-practice warm-ups and walked while the rest of the team ran. He punted a ball away instead of handing it to a ball boy, and swatted a pass thrown to him. His actions were caught on video and broadcast by KMGH-TV.

    Marshall's antics came after McDaniels and the coaching staff issued a warning to Marshall to clean up his act, but it apparently fell upon deaf ears.

    Not exactly what you are looking for out a No. 1 wide receiver.

    Bears fans could grow tired of Marshall's unpredictable attitude after the "honeymoon" period is over.

Need for the Ball

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    Jay Cutler must be thrilled with the acquisition of his former teammate.

    Cutler will certainly be looking to get Marshall the ball whenever possible, but what happens when Marshall isn't getting the touches he thinks he should be?

    Marshall has a history of pouting and being a trouble in the locker room when he doesn't get his touches or way.

    Not exactly what the Bears are looking for in a star wide receiver.

    As long as Cutler is able to find Marshall every game, things should run smoothly. But only time will tell if the relationship between these former teammates will work out.

    If Denver was any indication of how things will end between the two, the Bears made a mistake in trading for the much-criticized Marshall.