The Only Manager Who Would Not Be Punished

Dev AshishAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2009

When Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez came clean on his views regarding rival manager Sir Alex Ferguson, he claimed many things and one none more important than others that Ferguson is "the only manager who would not be punished."

Without getting into the claims and rebuttals of the controversy, let me steer clear towards the way I see the scenario.

I'm an United fan, make no mistake I swear by the Red Devils, but I admit Mr. Benitez got a point to be taken note of here, but its not about his rival's team management strategies.

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the longest serving managers in the history of English league and currently one of the most influential persons inside the League.

But the fact which I would like to stress upon is that the English league is no longer just the national entertainment, it is now a well organised, controlled and managed multi-billion dollar industry that has slowly and steadily made a name for its own in the business world.

The FA administration is a system that has been put in place after years of trying and testing, and it is paying rich dividends now.

Sir Alex Ferguson has now been serving as the United boss for 22 long years and he has seen over the time passed by how the First Division league became the Premier League, how the system was built and how it was run.

He has been in the system for more than a decade and knows how the system runs. The system is in place to make sure everything goes according to the plans without hampering the cash inflow.

He has been part of the system for too long and it would have been quite surprising if he didn't knew how the system runs. He is survived through the trials and tests, and now he, himself, is a part of the well-oiled system.

He knows their strengths and their weaknesses, their ambitions and their expectations, their hopes and their plans, their dreams and their nightmares.

He knows the system like the back of his hand. He knows what, when and how to do to extract benefit from the system without disrupting it.

So when Mr. Benitez says that Ferguson would never be punished, he might be right because Ferguson is an indispensable part of machinery in the system who knows too much, yet cant be disposed of. He's evil but he's a necessary evil.

And add to that the fact that Manchester United wins trophies, gets them publicity worldwide and keeps a steady inflow of cash in system, he is untouchable.

Ever wondered why a football club manager be knighted as "Sir"?

Now suddenly Sir Alex Ferguson sounds like a villain, an evil man, doesn't he?

But he isn't. That's a fact. He is just the part of a system. You challenge him, you challenge the system and the system runs the show.

What Mr. Benitez doesn't understand is that in a multi-billion dollar capitalistic industry, there is no place for communist catcalls, for the cries of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" always lead to the guillotine in the end.

Hence, Mr. Benitez and others play the game and follow the system, remember the guillotine is always thirsty.

As far as Sir Alex Ferguson is concerned, he is still doing what he does best: leading United's campaign ahead successfully in the League, UCL, and offshore to Asia as well.


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