Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Need a Reality Check!

Bench BrawlContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

Hey Leaf fans!

So, the wonderful Toronto Maple Leafs have dropped their fourth straight.


This latest loss comes after head coach Ron Wilson publicly dressed down his team.

I'm not much of a Wilson fan, but he's right.

What the hell is the media thinking when they go on second-guessing and devoting all kinds of time to the Leafs and their shortcomings?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are supposed to suck! 

Any fans or media who are getting upset or otherwise losing their appetite watching this transitional team deserves the stress that they are inflicting on themselves. At the start of this season, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the team.

"Finally, we're actually rebuilding and going in a different direction" was the prevalent thought on the minds of most of the fans—and players, for that matter.

I have to tell you, this team was great to watch when no one had any expectations. They were fun, they were fast, they worked hard, and they were sure as hell not the greatest team in the league. But then again, that's exactly what we expected.

Then we had the whole Luke Schenn fiasco." Wow! This friggin' kid's great! Look at him go! Geez, this guy is the next coming of freakin'...!:" I still remember the ringing endorsement from Leaf fans everywhere, and every relevant media outlet had a new "darling."

Suddenly, we saw all kinds of potential in a team that just didn't have any. People were planning who the Leafs would meet in the playoffs. There was a rush of optimism. Cliff Fletcher was at the helm of this fledgling team, and the future was looking good!

What the hell happened? Well, we did. Brian Burke is supposed to be the savior of this franchise, but I put to you, what has he really accomplished in his career? He's won a Stanley Cup. Whoopie! Anaheim wasn't his team to begin with—98 percent of the pieces were already there. Vancouver? Does anyone even remember his being there?

The Leafs played hockey when that's all that was expected of them. Now with all the hoopla and pressure, they packed up their collective "Scooby Doo" lunch boxes and went home. Lest we forget, they are a relatively young team, not used to the "center of the hockey universe" that we call Toronto.

I don't blame the players for this sudden collapse, nor do I blame Ron Wilson, who incidentally was just trying to light a fire under his team's ass, if you want my opinion. I don't even blame that moron Burke for this; he hasn't even had a chance yet.

I blame the media. I blame the media and their pompous, arrogant "hockey insiders," who for the most part weren't good enough to hold down "real" hockey jobs anymore.

Take a moment, sit back, relax, and take a good long deep breath. Toronto sucks because they are supposed to.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. In my estimation, we are only three years (maybe four) from beginning to be a contender. After 42 years of frustration, I'm willing to wait a little longer so long as I can see that there is a genuine purpose and clear direction. We all wanted this and jumped on the "blow it up bandwagon." So let's just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor.