In Other News...New York Yankees + Freddy Garcia = Good

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 14, 2009

Yes, that’s right. 


Here’s a report from


The report surfaced Wednesday afternoon that cited the Yankees, Mets, Rangers, or White Sox as the most likely destination for Garcia. The report states that Garcia is close to making his decision.


Garcia, a 10-year veteran, has a 118-77 record and 4.07 ERA in his career. The two-time All-Star has won at least 10 games in seven different seasons, and he finished the 2001 season with an American League-best 3.05 ERA. However, shoulder problems have kept Garcia from pitching a full season since 2006.

After long years of sitting on the bench, this could be the year for Garcia.


In a few good years with the White Sox, he succeeded as a middle-of–the-rotation innings eater.


The Yankees up-to-date rotation looks like this:


1. Sabathia


2. Wang


3. Burnett


4. Joba




In the five spot, the Yankees should get a pitcher who can eat innings, and has some years under his belt.


However, there are other options.  Here are the eight other options:


      Jon Garland;  The long time White Sock signed a one year deal with the Angles, and it doesn’t look like he’ll go back there.  His career ERA is a little high, but he’ll eat innings, and he’ll be consistent.  If the Yankees got him, it would be temporary, just until a minor leaguer is ready to come up.


      Brandon Looper; Originally a closer, he has made a smooth transition to the rotation, and is a great option for the Yankees.  A career ERA under 4.00, his age of 34 is a great fit for the spot.  He has experience, but not too much age.  He also had 199 innings last year.  He may be the Yankee’s best option.


      Pedro Martinez; On the Yankees?  Never mind.


      Odalis Perez; The 31-year-old had an ERA of 4.34 last year, after inconsistent years of bouncing between the Royals and Dodgers.  He can be inconsistent, and he didn’t pitch many innings.


      Oliver Perez;  An okay option.  Look at these stats;


10-7, 4.22ERA, 194 innings, and 180 SO.


Although last year was great, he has been incredibly inconsistent.  He also hasn’t pitched many innings in the past, and is a little young for the job.


      Andy Pettitte; Talks seem to have fallen apart with him, and I think the Yankees should stay away from him.  Pettitte may have to retire.


      Ben Sheets; INJURIES!!  He’s a great pitcher, otherwise, but the Yankees have some pitchers already that are injury prone.  He’s a great option, though.  A longtime ace, he has improved in many stats in the past few years, but he may have reached a plateau.  3.09 ERA.


      Randy Wolf; Can be very inconsistent.  The kid can be extraordinary, though, as he proved last year on the Astros, boasting a 3.57 ERA.  


Best Choice; Looper or Garcia.  Looper will be more expensive for an out-spent Yankee team.


Who will fill the five spot, Brian?  Only time will tell.