Nets Preview: New Jersey Looks To Come Back Strong Versus Boston

Louis FierroContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

The Nets have gotten back to .500, at 19-19, but they have a tough game on the road against the Celtics. However, due to the Celtics' poor play as of late, as well as the Nets' usually good play on the road, I would have to say the New Jersey has a chance of pulling this one out. 

Then again, these are the Nets, so I can never predict what will happen. With this franchise, it doesn't seem out of the question for us to lose by 30, or win by 30, for that matter. 

Brook Lopez is coming off a stellar game which saw him drop 31 points, grab 13 rebounds, and block two shots. I look for him to play well against Boston, matched up against Garnett.

Ryan Anderson is starting in the place of Yi, who was just starting to look half-way decent when he injured his pinkie finger. I believe Anderson coming back with a big game will be one of the keys to the Nets putting up a fight against Boston. 

Keyon Dooling has become a great six man, adding depth on the bench, and showing flair playing for Devin Harris, who is now back in the starting lineup after an injury. 

Vince Carter is Vince Carter, what can I say about the guy? I predict he will be his usual consistent self.

Devin Harris, I believe, will have a quieter game going up against the defensive-minded Rondo.

I expect Bobby Simmons to be average in this game, but I believe he will drop some key threes in the corner, where he is usually very good.

All in all, I believe the Nets will put up a fight and come back late, but I see them losing by five. 

If anyone has any news on the move to Brooklyn, and whether or not it is being scrapped, please leave comments.