Dallas Cowboys Preview: Kyle Orton a Quality Backup to Tony Romo

TIM LOLContributor IIIMarch 19, 2012

Kyle Orton has accepted the fact that he will play behind Tony Romo next season.
Kyle Orton has accepted the fact that he will play behind Tony Romo next season.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Out of all the commotion that’s going around the league right now, the Dallas Cowboys picking up quarterback Kyle Orton has been one of the smartest moves this offseason.

No, there isn’t even a slim chance that he will beat new teammate Tony Romo for the starting role next year. Another notable backup-to-be is Jason Campbell, and he agreed to only a one-year agreement with the Chicago Bears to leave more options available afterwards. The fact that Orton signed a three-year deal proves that he is okay with being the backup. 

In a league that is driven by quarterbacks, the Cowboys are one of the few teams that can say they have depth at that position. Orton is a seven-year veteran who has won his share of games with various teams. Overall, he posts a 35-34 record, with 80 TDs to 57 interceptions and a 79.4 rating.

In 2009, he played the best season of his career as a starter for the Denver Broncos, throwing for almost 4,000 yards along with 21 TDs and 12 interceptions. He also led the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory over the dominant Green Bay Packers last year, handing them their only loss in the regular season.

In the game, he played particularly well with 299 yards in the air and a 104.1 rating, although he did not throw a TD pass. 

Orton is 29 years old, and he still has quite a few years left to play. If Romo gets injured, Orton has a chance to go out and really show teams that he can be the starter.

There is a ridiculous amount of teams in the league that need an improvement at the quarterback position. A good performance by Orton will improve his worth, and Dallas would be open to look around the league for a possible trade as time goes on.