Changing Of The Guard (Part Two)

Quincy PierreContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

Marlon Brown WRConsidering Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, Ohio State

Marlon is a very physical wideout with excellent hands. At 6-foot-5, he is a red zone threat and in my opinion has good speed to run from defenders.

Florida is definitely on his radar, but Tennessee’s new head coach Lane Kiffin made it known at his press conference that Marlon Brown is his No. 1 priority.

With that, it will come down to the two SEC Schools. My gut tells me Florida, but my head is saying Tennessee, stay tuned.

Sam Montgomery DEConsidering South Carolina, North Carolina, LSU, Clemson, Georgia

Sam is a good football player with extreme quickness. His speed allows him to blow past offensive tackles and get quarterback sacks and pressures.

He will get bigger and stronger in college but will not lose that freakish speed off the edge.

The battle for his signature is between South Carolina and Clemson. It’s anybody’s guess, but most feel he will go to South Carolina; however, I think he will go to Clemson.

Darren Myles Jr. Safety: Considering Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Clemson, Auburn

Darren is a supreme athlete who plays all over the field. He is very instinctive who plays the pass and run with a fierce mentality.

He is also an aggressive blitzer coming out of the secondary. Some say he is leaning towards his in-state school, Georgia, but Florida and Alabama will have a lot to say before Signing Day. I think he will end up at Georgia.

Frankie Telfort OLBConsidering Florida and USC
Frankie is a keg of dynamite set to explode at any time on the football field. He isn’t your prototypical linebacker but has blazing speed and deceptive power.

Frankie can cover running backs and on a blitz will get there in a hurry. It’s down to two schools, Florida and USC. I believe he will wind up in Southern Cal with the Trojans.


Kendall Kelly WRConsidering Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State

Kendall is an impressive wideout with elite speed. For being 6-foot-3, he isn’t scared to go over the middle to make the tough catch. He runs fluid in space and doesn’t lose speed while catching slants and hitches.

He is looking at several schools but at the end of the day, he will wind up with his teammate Dre Kirkpatrick at Alabama.

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