Robbie Keane: The £20 Million Man Liverpool Is Wasting

Kevin O'ConnellCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Not everyone adapts to a new team like Fernando Torres.

Then again, Torres is a rare talent that only comes around every so often. One year after he tore through the English Premier League football with vengeance, Liverpool spent £19 million (plus £1.3 based on performances) in an effort to support Torres by locking up one of the Premier League' top second-strikers, Robbie Keane.

Keane formed one of the Premier League's top partnerships with Dimitar Berbatov during their time at Spurs. The Irishman was known as a talisman for the team, and he was selected as the vice-captain for Tottenham during his last few years at White Hart Lane.

Since Keane's arrival, Liverpool has seen itself thrust into title contention for the first time in years. However, he has failed to produce goal-scoring numbers like the ones he had for so many years at Spurs. This may have led to an ill-advised benching of the former Tottenham star while the Reds failed to take all three points from Stoke.

Instead of playing Keane, Benitez thought it wise to play Dirk Kuyt up front on his own. Kuyt ran his little heart out, but failed to produce a goal in the 0-0 draw.

Rafa, you do realize that Robbie Keane salvaged a 1-1 draw at the Emirates with a wonder strike, right? You realize that he followed the performance against Arsenal with a brace against Bolton, right?

How can you possibly leave this man on the bench against Stoke, when you know that Manchester United is right on your tail in the standings!?

If you're going to rant about Sir Alex Ferguson's questionable antics, at least follow it up by putting your best XI on the field and winning against a team who will surely be relegated at season's end!

In a season where goals seem to be hard to come by during some difficult stretches, maybe it's time Rafa Benitez tried something new. Who says Torres, Keane, and Gerrard can't co-exist in the attacking end of the field? Take that 4-5-1, and make it more of a 4-3-3, and surely goals will follow.

I realize that Keane hasn't been at his best this season, but maybe he just needs a little bit of time. Given time to mesh with Torres and Gerrard, Keane will succeed, and so will Liverpool.

Reds fans, we are in this for the long haul, and in the long run, we need these three stars to play together and succeed together.

Let's not waste our £20 million man.