Wanted: New Chiefs Quarterback

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

With Scott Pioli coming in as general manager there are many things he will have to do before next year.

One of them is get a better quarterback. Everybody please understand, I'm not saying Tyler Thigpen is a bad quarterback, but we want a winning team and Thigpen went 1-10 as the starter.

I know the defense has underachieved, but you can't blame 14 loses on them.

Thigpen has consistently made bad decisions when the game is on the line. If Thigpen would have made half the plays they needed when it counted, the Chiefs would have won at least six games.

Thigpen as a quarterback has a 76 quarterback rating which is 27th in the league. The Chiefs are 24th in the league in total offense and is in need of some major changes. He threw 18 touchdown passes with 12 interceptions, but without Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe, Thigpen would most likely have 12 touchdown passes with 20 interceptions.

The only reason Thigpen has been a surprise is because he was a seventh-round draft pick and was later cut by the Vikings.

I'm looking at the top 10 quarterbacks in the league. They are all pocket passers. Thigpen, as you know is not a pocket passer. He is 30th in the league for completion percentage.

I have talked to many sources and they all agree that next year's quarterback is not on the roster right now, and I totally agree with them.

Thigpen would be a great backup quarterback, nothing more.

But if the Chiefs are to keep him as the starter, they need a good running game. Get rid of Larry Johnson. Bring in a Darren Sproles.

But unless we can build an All-Pro defense Thigpen won't be leading us to any play off appearances.