Does the NBA Really Have Playoffs?

Aaron SchwartzCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2008

There is no doubt that the West is the best when it comes to the NBA. But think about this—the eight seed in the West could end up with 50 wins, while the eight seed in the East could have 50 losses.  Is it fair, probably not? 


But that’s the way the NBA operates, and there’s nothing that can be done to help this.


Or is there?


What if the NBA made the playoffs the same format as the SEC conference tournament? Like the SEC, the NBA should have the top seed in the West play the eight seed from the East and the two seed in the East play the seven seed in the West and the three seed in the West play the six seed in the East, etc.  


Don't change only that, but also make the eight seeds from both conference wild cards. Allow those two playoff spots to be filled by the remaining teams with the best records regardless of conference affiliation.


That way, not only do we get rid of the terrible teams in the East that sneak into the playoffs with a 34-48 record, but it also gives a Western team with the 48-34 record, (that may only be good enough for ninth in the West) a chance to keep playing. After all, they clearly have earned it more than most of those teams in the East.

It appears that this year there could be three teams from the East in the playoffs with a losing record. It really makes the regular season seem worthless to all those teams that get 50 wins, when a team that has a losing record in the regular season could come into their house and take away their chances at a championship in one week. 


Professional Basketball is the only sport where there is almost a guarantee of a team with a losing record making the playoffs. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want to watch the Spurs play the T-Wolves in the playoffs, so why is it okay to have the Pistons playing the Hawks or the Celtics playing the Nets.


Playoff basketball is supposed to be one step above the regular season, as far as competition goes, but if any team that can get a 36-46 record qualifies, there is no competition.  


This probably hurts the sport as a whole because more viewers will tune into the playoffs if there are better teams playing. I want to be able to enjoy all of the playoffs and especially being on the East Coast, I would like to be able to watch a great playoff game at 8 p.m. Not at midnight when the West is playing.


Please NBA give me some real playoffs.