New York Mets Should Turn To Cuban Defector To Bolster Offense

Phil HoopsCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Ever since the off-season began, the Mets have found themselves looking for an everyday outfielder.

At first they were interested in the very talented, yet aging Raul Ibanez. However, the rival Philadelphia Phillies beat them to the punch and won his services.

Many fans then expected the team to turn their attention to superstar slugger and potential future Hall of Famer Manny Ramirez.

However, the higher-ups within the organization have made it clear to Omar they want no part of Manny Ramirez or his antics.

Adam Dunn would seem to be another viable option to play left field while providing some power in the lineup.

Recently, there have been rumors going around speculating Dunn is looking for a contract worth close to $60 million.

If that truly is the case there is no reason for the Mets to consider Dunn because he simply isn't worth that kind of money.

It would seem that would leave the Mets without any external options to play the outfield. Wrong.

Enter a 29-year old Cuban defector by the name of Yasser Gomez. Gomez is a veteran of the Cuban National League, and has played there for the past 11 seasons.

While Gomez does not possess the power both Dunn and Ramirez have, he brings to the table stellar defense as well as a high batting average.

In essence he brings to the table what this team has been lacking over the past couple of years and that is consistency.

Many in the Mets lineup (Reyes, Wright, and Delgado) tend to be streaky hitters, unlike Gomez, who last season hit for an impressive .394. Granted this is not the same as hitting .394 against major league pitchers, but it does indicate this guy can hit.

The question is how much how much it would cost the Mets to net Gomez. I simply cannot answer this question, as there have been no indications of how much money he is seeking.

More likely than not Gomez, who is coming off his best season ever to date, will be seeking a multi-year deal which will pay him more than he's worth.

If the price is right the Mets would be dim-witted not to consider Gomez as a player to help them win their first World Series title in over 20 years.