Basketball's Real Top Ten 2.0: Back By Popular Demand

ChristianCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Hi Basketball fans. It’s me again. My name is CJ Vick and I come back to you due to popular demand to present the latest edition of my basketball power rankings. My last rankings while controversial  was the most highly read basketball rankings on this site in recent months and with all the emails and facebooks I received, it only makes sense to dip my toes in the basketball section yet again.

I, as many of you know am an active professional basketball player and in generating these rankings I have a perspective that the fan does not. I have played in Madison Square Garden, Europe and Asia, been on SportsCenter(dunking I might add) and much more.

So before you jump down my throat as some of you will, remember that the chances are remote that anything on your basketball resume spells CJ Vick.                                                      

1. Lebron James

When I ranked him No. 1 on the planet three months ago I drew tremendous ire and attitude from dumb fans that don’t know the game.

How do you feel now? He has comfortably separated himself from any one player with his growing understanding of what it takes to be a title contender in the NBA. It thus far has been a comprehensive, virtuoso, season for Lebron James. Say the case is closed, Lebron James is the king of the jungle

2. Dwayne ”Flash” Wade                                                                                            

He’s baaaack. As stipulated by me three months ago Mr. Wade had returned with a snarl and a swagger that has his opponents shook beyond belief. I think he really took it personally when the one hit wonder rumor started to float and now he is taking it out on the league.

He to this point has surpassed Kobe Bryant as the best true two-guard in the league. I hope he keeps it up and stay healthy because he is truly great for game.


3. Kobe Bryant

Please don’t be mad at me Kobe. If I should one day make it to the NBA please don’t direct your offensive devastation towards me. The truth is that I was going to project you No. 2 until I watched your matchup with Flash a couple weeks ago. It was high-speed chess between two basketball genius' but clearly the speedier was Mr. Wade.


4. Dwight Howard

His skill set needs major reform but his statistical dominance makes is very difficult to keep him out of the top 10. I carefully studied his recent matchup with Tim Duncan (TEVO is the Sh**) and upon meticulous review I noticed that when Timmy was locked up with Howard one-on-one with out help, he was eaten every single time.

With Shaq and Duncan fading into their respective twilights, Dwight Howard is America's new big man. By the way, please watch the dunk contest, his humor and athletic ability will make for crowd pleasing stuff come All Star weekend.


5. Chris Paul

The world's best point guard is in the preliminary stages of building his basketball kingdom, and what an extravagant foundation he has built. The dilapidation of the Hornets is the reason I am dropping him. I know it seems unfair, however it all starts with the QB and right now his team is behind their projected curb. He is the best PG in the game, but his team, as a whole must step-up their play.


6. Dirk Nowitzki

I left Dirk out of my top 10 three months ago because he seems to go soft in times of high stress for his ball club. His number cannot be refuted. He again is a top 10 scorer and his stepped up his play on the defensive end.

I have also noticed that he box’s out on the OFFENSIVE end. A neat trick that great scorers use to add to their offensive production I like his current state of mind but since he does not seem to have the horses to make a title run it will be hard to rank him in the top five per my plans.


7. Paul Pierce

The self-proclaimed worlds best player has not don’t anything to hurt his rep although his scoring is down. He has truly bought into the team concept and while I don’t like some of his verbal antics on the court he remains quite possibly the single biggest half court problem in the NBA.

He tends to pick up his assault as the game goes on which has proven to be a gargantuan problem for opposing ball clubs. Even though his “new” Celtics are currently hitting below the mark I see the ship being righted and this man will be at the steering wheel.


8.Chris Bosh

I really gave Chris a hard time in my blog for another site before the China games but since that day he has shoved my words in my mouth. He is without question one of the preeminent big men of his generation but I don’t think his career will crystallize in Toronto. When free agency runs amuck during the reformation of 2010 I am eager to see where this highly skilled big man ends up.


9.Tim Duncan

TIMMY…. The hall of fame center despite his faded skills is a 20 and 10 a night sure bet. His use of angles, the back board, sweet footwork, and championship determination makes it clear that to win the west at some point you will have to go through Tim Duncan and his band of merry men no question.


10.Devin Harris

This marks his first appearance is any of my rankings and I want to extend him a warm welcome. In transition he is one of the best players in the game today. He court vision coupled with that speed make him a terror with basketball sneakers.

I saw him at a shooting camp that we both attended in college and at the time I was surprised at how short he was but OVB I had no idea the type of animal I was looking at. I would take him over Jason Kidd any day of the week and in retrospect how dumb does Mark Cuban look in giving up all that young talent including Mr. Harris. At this point I would also  take him over the guy from Utah.



There you have it basketball fans. My rankings have already sparked heated debate between me and my friends I can only hope that it does the same here on our great site. I hope you enjoy and since I am currently active I will not be writing about basketball for the remainder of the year. Be well and God bless