New Car, New Season: What To Expect from Ferrari

Mustafa SariContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

Ferrari revealed their sleek new F1 machine called the F60. I like the name—it doesn't look like a rubbish name for a Ferrari F1 car.

But, as usual, my story begins here but doesn't end with that. 2009 regulations and slick tyres makes the car very different than F2008. F60 launched with a KERS device in chassis and Massa was happy to use it for 100 km testing.

KERS is a complicated issue for Ferrari and Gilles Simon mentioned that problem in 2008 season. I have to be honest, I didn't expect to see a running KERS device in F60.

Another problem for Ferrari is completely different car and still developing new management. As an example, the team decided Andrea Stella should become the race engineer of Kimi Raikkonen and it gave a supporting role to Chris Dyer near Luca Balderassi.

Raikkonen and Felipe Massa must be more motivated and both must adapt their driving styles to the car, but the main unknown problem is the speed and reliability of F60 against its rivals.

In the Mugello launch, Massa mentioned small problems with the F60 but data will be analysed by engineers to make it more reliable for races.

I am a Tifosi, but in this article I have to be honest in all ways with the information we have.

At first, F60 doesn't look bad, either; it looks better than I expected. Ferrari made a smaller wheel base than F2008. This fact makes the F60 look like a Ferrari F3 car in F1 version.

But this decision will be a good choice for new aerodynamics and slick tyres because this season, teams must use less downforce than previous seasons and with new wings Ferrari's F1 engineering team thinks that Raikkonen and Massa will heat the tyre temperatures higher and they will have a less tyre wearing.

But we will see what is real in first test of 2009 and in Melbourne. I think Raikkonen and Massa will fight for WDC and the team will also fight for WCC, but BMW edged the development in the preseason testing and McLaren is also in good form.

So will Scuderia Ferrari can fight for the titles? I think they will. But for a real analysis, I must wait for all teams launches and test results. What do you think?