Philadelphia Phillies: Injured Brad Lidge? Time to Activate "Plan B"

Claire ReclosadoSenior Analyst IFebruary 26, 2008

Yes, Kiddies, it started early.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ new closer Brad Lidge is going to be out for three to six weeks.

Before hitting the panic button, take a step back.

This is nothing new to us.  Granted, we would prefer to start off the season will a healthy Phillies’ staff, but at least there’s a backup plan.

It’s an inconsistent backup plan, but a plan nonetheless.

Tom “Flash” Gordon. He is not just part of a Steven King novel—he’s the Phils’ “Plan B.”

Scary, isn’t it?

Once we resume breathing we can look back at September 2007.  Gordon was a big part of the Phils’ success down the stretch. Ignore the fact that he blew three of his first seven save opportunities last season—focus on September. That month, Gordon pitched in 18 games, struck out 13 hitters, and had an ERA of 3.94.

Not too shabby for the 40-year-old pitcher. In addition to Gordon, the Phils’ have J.C. Romero and Ryan Madson as set up men.

We’re still good, Kiddies. Really we are.

I would prefer that the Phils’ execute Plan B until Lidge is fully healed. Let’s have him take his time so that we have a healthy closer and not have the $6.35 million go to waste. 

He’s aiming to be back by Opening Day.

I know, this injury hit the Phils’ where it really hurt—health and pitching. However, I’m suppressing the anxiety attack as I remind myself that the season is a long 162-game season.

I’m not panicking, are you?