In the News: Brewers Edition (1/14)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Brewers News

- The Brewers made the Trevor Hoffman deal official. The only player to really comment so far is Jason Kendall who gave him a ringing endorsement.

- Guillermo Mota will reportedly sign with the Dodgers. For all the bitching about Mota, he turned out to have a better year than Johnny Estrada.

- The Hardball Times does a focus piece on new acquisition Trevor Hoffman. Basically says that Hoffman will still be great at deceiving hitters, but the Brewers better hope he doesn’t get even worse against lefties.

- I know this is old, but reading the rumors at infuriated me. Prince Fielder for Clay Bucholz and Mike Lowell doesn’t make sense for the Brewers. It would be a TERRIBLE trade…bah I really hope there’s nothing to the rumors at all.

- The Brewers sent people to look at Chad Cordero. Good.

- Eli’s MLB Rumors believes that the Padres should look at Ray Durham. You know who else should??? The Brewers Should!!! Could someone tell me who the Brewers have as an insurance policy for Rickie “Potentialriffic”  Weeks? Hernan Iribarren? Yeah, because he’s better than Durham…

- After losing out on Lowe, the Mets might start becoming interested in Ben Sheets

Minor Leagues

- Bernie’s Crew talks about Brad Nelson while Between the Green Pillars gives those who will see Rattler games a little preview of Erik Komatsu

Other News

- Richie Sexson still doesn’t have a job. Even the Orioles didn’t want him.

- Adam Dunn is looking for four years, $56 million. That’s why it’s quiet on the Dunn front.