Super Bowl Odds Breakdown

ctsports picksAnalyst IJanuary 14, 2009

Wow, going into the championship game weekend, the Super Bowls odds are a little surprising to me. Right now, Pittsburgh is the favorite at 3/2, second is Philly at 7/4, third is Baltimore at 7/2, and last is Arizona at 5/1. I really think that this should be flipped between first and second because the Eagles beat up the Steelers earlier this year handing them their worst loss of the season.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (3/2)- Best record of any team left has led them to the favorite spot. Defense has been smothering team all year and completely shut down San Diego last weekend. Offense has been the problem all year and if they art to win the Super Bowl they must continue to have success in the run game!
  • Philadelphia Eagles (7/4)- Definitely have the easier match up this weekend. Philly has already beat Arizona and Pittsburgh both games also were blowouts. They did lose to Baltimore but it was at Baltimore and Westbrook was pretty banged up. Also the hottest team of the four teams remaining winning six of there last seven games!
  • Baltimore Ravens (7/2)- The best of the underdog teams this weekend you have to give them a chance with the best defense remaining. Actually think if they get past Pittsburgh they will beat either of the NFC teams. This Pittsburgh team has always given them problems because they are almost a carbon copy of each other.
  • Arizona Cardinals (5-1)- My last power ranking of the season had this team at number thirteen. They are lucky to even be in the playoffs and think that two more wins is impossible. There defense has stood up the last two weeks and stuffed the run but this week they will be exposed. Offensively they have committed to the run more in the playoffs but this week they will struggle!
  • I would not suggest playing future favorites as the advantage is in huge favor of the house. Remember last year New England was biggest favorite in last 20 years and lost to the Giants who were a huge underdog. The only value to be had is playing Ravens. Remember when playing futures picking the winner is obviously most important but make sure the reward is worth the risk and 3/2 or 7/4 is not worth the risk!! Actually do not like playing anything less than 3-1!! Good luck and happy winning!

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