Going to Canton: Making My Plans Now, It's on My NFL Off-Season List

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IJanuary 14, 2009

You’ve got to start making plans now because this NFL season is almost over. Yes, we have the conference championship games this weekend. The Super Bowl is a couple of short weeks after that and then the only thing left is the anemic Pro bowl.


I hate the NFL withdrawals that kick in five minutes after the final whistle of the Pro Bowl. I’ll be jonesing for another 2-minute drill, no huddle offense and a safety blitz before all the suds disappear from my last beer of the game.


I know your all thinking “this is a little premature don’t you think?” And saying, “Hey man chill out we still have a full month worth of real football left.”


You just don’t understand; the down time has to be managed. It’s taken me years to coordinate the proper activities to keep my NFL mind calm and satisfied which allows me to focus on other life necessities (wife, kids, job, eating).


For some of you the season is already over. (Your team didn’t make it to the play-offs and you could care less who is still in it.) The following is my NFL off-season survival list:


1) The first couple of days you can go back and watch all those games that you TIVO’d. You’re going to want to go back and identify the instant, that one play where everything went wrong for your team.


2) When you find that moment you will want to sit down and write the dissertation that you plan on sending to the team’s front office. You ought to know by now that they are not going to hire you for your brilliant analysis but at least they will know that you know how and when things went wrong.


3) Time to break out your ESPN Deluxe DVD Box Edition of the “NFL’s Greatest Games” for review for the next week.**Make note to log on and order the new DVD**


4) Print out the NFL Draft Eligibility List. Make your picks and send those off to your team’s front office. Hell, last year they did actually select one of your suggested players maybe they’ll consider your list a bit more seriously this year.


5) Try to get into basketball, hockey or baseball again (It’s just not the same is it?). This year branch out a bit and watch a soccer game to see if it generates any sense of a fan affiliation


6) Go back and watch those TIVO’d games, you know there was a point where the team could have turned it around after the collapse. Write it up and send it in to the team. (You know they appreciate all the help they can get.)


7) Renew your subscription to Sports Illustrated before the Swim Suit edition comes out. That will help take your mind off things for a little while.


8) Suggest to the wife that you should take separate vacations again this year. That way she can go down to Florida with her girlfriends. Besides she got tired of the yearly pilgrimage to Canton, Ohio ten years ago.


9) Make your trip to Canton and enjoy the display of newly inducted players and coaches. Lament to anyone who will listen about why some of your favorite players are not in yet.


10) Go online daily, several times a day for anything new in the NFL world. (I have a list of links if anyone is interested.)


11) Watch the NFL Draft to see if your team got beat out for any of the picks from the list that you sent in earlier in the year.


12) Decide if you still want to stay with that lame fantasy league you were in last year or start trying to find another.


13) Put together your fantasy league draft list and don’t forget the alternates. You don’t always get who you really want.


14) Suffer the indignities of the pre-season games. (It always seems like even the good players suck). But take heart the new season is almost upon you.


This should get you through. You may find that you need additional fillers. Be inventive and you’ll be able to beat back the addiction until the regular season starts.