Goodbye Glenn Roeder, and This Time Could Be It!

Steven WoodgateCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

A long time ago there was this skilful technique called the “Roeder Shuffle” that was ultimately a smart step over and was used to extricate from numerous tight spots. Well Glenn Roeder may have been its creator but he has not performed that perfection for a while now.  

His sacking as the Norwich City Manager came as no surprise, these trigger happy chairmen and executives demand perfection instantly. Roeder couldn’t get out of that tight spot.

He paid the ultimate price as he watched his depleted side being knocked out of the FA Cup by Charlton Athletic. It was Charlton's first win in 20 games, quite a sad state of play.

In the league, they have not fended much better either, with the only goal difference separating them from the relegation zone, as they have not won in five games.

A massive lack of depth in the squad as well as quality key areas cost are the reason they are playing poorly. When Reading striker Leroy Lita came in on loan, the team looked like a threat offensively but still remained vulnerable defensively.

Roeder didn’t find the right players in the summer and had to rely on the loan market, he has done a bad job, and he had to go.  He lost a massive sledge of his popularity when he decided to release fan favourite Darren Huckerby and it went spiraling down from there.

The football he tried to produce was not pretty and he always spoke of the 5-2 win over Wolves, where Lita scored a hat trick, as a reason to look hopeful. Sorry but you simply can’t rest on your laurels. Even a 2-0 win over Ipswich in the ‘Old Farm’ derby could not restore respect.

Roeder did an average job at West Ham United and did a reasonably good job at Newcastle United before his initial move to Norwich. It’s just a shame his reputation has been tarnished and dragged through the mud as this failure may have just put him in managerial wilderness.