The Seattle Mariners Must Improve Team Chemistry: Trade Ichiro Right Now!

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

The Mariners must improve team chemistry, more than their team roster.

At the end of last season, the Seattle Times reported that one of the Mariners player tried to knock Ichiro out. But former manager John McLaren stopped it by having a meeting. So Ichiro didn't get hurt.

That's bad.

This showed how bad the Mariners chemistry is. And apparently, former Mariners closer J.J. Putz was the one who told this to the Seattle Times. So new GM Jack Zduriencik decided to trade him to the Mets.

But will this make it better?

No way.

There are more players who REALLY hate Ichiro personally. I don't know who are they, but there are a lot.

That's really bad.

So what will Zduriencik will do? I think he would try to trade Ichiro. Better to get rid of the one who causes the problem.

But trading Ichiro is big deal. He brings fans to Safeco Field, so if the Mariners wants more money, then they should keep him in Seattle. But if the Mariners really want to rebuild their team, I think the Mariners may get good offers out of him.

How about this: Trade him either to the Cubs or the Giants.

If to the Cubs, we can get Felix Pie and another pitching prospect. The Cubs are willing to deal Pie, and we can get another pitcher out of the deal, if the Cubs are willing to do so, in order to acquire Ichiro.

If to the Giants, we may get Pablo Sandoval or slight chance of getting Madison Bumgarner. I think the Giants can trade Sandoval, since they have Bengie Molina and Buster Posey playing catcher. He can play first base as well, but I think they have no problem trading him.

For Bumgarner, it might be tough to get him, because he will be a starter pitching right after Tim Lincecum for the Giants in the future. But if we give them enough return, maybe the Giants consider the trade.

If other teams would offer good prospect(s) in return for Ichiro, then Zduriencik should take it. But it may be tough since Ichiro will turn 36 after next season. Also, he can hit for average, but he won't hit over 10 homers and 70 RBI, which might block the Mariners from getting good prospect.

But you never know what will happen. Maybe some teams would offer good prospects, maybe not depending on how Ichiro will play and what's other teams need.

Let's just hope the Mariners would improve their team chemistry, and first move to do so, is to trade Ichiro elsewhere.