Maple Leafs-Predators: Toronto Suffers N.M.F. in 2-0 Loss to Nashville.

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJanuary 14, 2009

The Leafs suffered their fourth loss in a row at the hands of the Nashville Predators, mostly because of a season problem called "N.M.F."

In plain hockey language, this means they were not moving their feet—and this has been the case in most games this season.

As mentioned in a previous article of mine, if you as a player are going to stand around not moving your feet, you will begin to clutch and grab or whatever, ending in your team playing a man short.

The Leafs do not seem to be very creative in setting up plays or finishing off plays.  Therefore, they give the puck away on most occasions and then end up chasing the opposition continually.

Toskala, I thought, played a much better game against a pretty good Nashville team—although from my point of view I thought the two pucks that went in were stoppable.

The Leafs have been having trouble all year making the big breakout plays—that is just not happening.

I did think that Luke Schenn played very well on the blue line and made some very good moves coming out of his own end. The penalty at the end of the game was a maybe by the ref.

The league cannot fine me or suspend me for commenting about the officiating. For the most part of this season the officiating has been terrible at best.

We do have to admit the Leaf injury list is hurting at this time, but this game was not too bad.  One goal by the Leafs early in the third would have been big.

I do honestly believe that the Leaf players are playing scared at this time, not knowing what is in the future for them.

They are fighting the puck and running around a little—a sure sign of nervousness.