What/Who Is Next for "The Legacy"?

Steve WillisContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

After the Jan. 12, 2009 RAW, I found myself slightly confused, though not too
disappointed, with the twist in the 'Legacy' angle.

A few weeks ago, I was almost positive that this new heel stable would continue to build until peaking at WM25. I was expecting DiBiase to return maybe a month before WM to seek revenge on Orton and The Legacy, leading to a feud with Rhodes. However, I thought that a Dibiase return (along with maybe a new second-generation ally at his side) would be only to fool everyone when they rejoined at WM25; ultimately helping Orton with a title victory.

It would be perfect; let Rhodes go after the IC belt, while Manu teamed with Snuka to go after the Tag belts. You could have Snuka and Manu win, of course. Then, here comes the twist in the mid-card: DiBiase, while interfering with Rhodes' IC match, "accidentally" costs Rhodes' opponent the match—giving Rhodes the title win. Rhodes would then flee the ring with the belt, leaving Priceless by himself in the ring.

This would all lead to Orton's title match, where, during the match, the other Legacy members would help Orton with his cause. At the end, DiBiase would run down and seem to be at the aid of Cena or whomever is the Champion. However, at the last minute, he would cost the Champion the match—giving
Orton the title.

Why would he do that? Because Orton never really kicked DiBiase in thehead; it was all a fake. And there you have it, "The Legacy" is officially on top of the Wrestling World at WM25.

Ya, sounded beautiful to me! But week after week, they have done more and more to make that possible storyline seem less and less likely. Yet, I don't see how they couldn't do a similar piece.

Here is a new way, I feel, they could do this angle (which may be even better). It could consist of any of the following storylines, leading up to WM25:

1. With Snuka and Manu on their own as faces, I say have them tag team and
win a 'Battle Royal' or some other kind of No. 1 contenders match to go
after the belts at 'Mania—where they would win the Gold.

2. Rhodes and DiBiase are primed for a run at the IC title. This is a division that has been taken out of the limelight (which is very sad) and has lost prestige.

Both Rhodes/Punk and Rhodes/DiBiase would be a very exciting match and I think that Wrestlemania 25 would be a perfect fit. I say have them go at it, with DiBiase helping Rhodes get the belt or the other way around. 

3. I actually think that one of the two (Rhodes, DiBiase) should go over to ECW to chase Hardy for the title. ECW is finally starting to build some steam with these new, younger stars rising (Swagger, Bourne, Ortiz). Why not add in Rhodes or DiBiase to shake things up.

4. There has been alot of talk alot of times about DH Smith and TJ Wilson. They are known as a very good Tag combo and it is time they come to the big leagues.  Introduce the New Hart Foundation on SD and have them go after the belts. Kendrick should be competing for the US belt, but if WWE wants Kendrick and Zeke to have the belts; then so be it. 

In fact, this would be perfect for the New Hart Foundation to come in as Faces and take the belts away from them before/at 'Mania.  Introducing them as the New Hart Foundation will get them over quickly with the fans, and Nattie would benefit greatly with a new Face role. 

5. Nattie should have a shot at the Diva's belt. She is the best in-ring worker probably in the whole WWE women's locker room. I think it is about time she received her due. 

Putting her in a new Face role would be very beneficial, and I feel she would be appreciated more than a lot of Women's wrestlers in WWE since she actually has wrestling skill and technique.

4. The final Piece of the puzzle. I think it is somewhat obvious where I am going with all of this.  At this point (assuming all my above wishes come true), 'The Legacy' would have maybe 2 belts (IC and ECW).

This is where I believe fans would notice the stakes of the Orton match—for if he wins, all three members would be holding Gold. I believe, without a doubt, that Orton will be in the main event at WM25 against Cena (or someone else), and hopefully in a No DQ match for the title. 

And yes, he will win that match. Here is how...

Near the end of the match, you will see Rhodes and Dibiase come down to interfere.  Cena (or whoever) will be ready for this and someone will come down to help him.  This will even the odds and the electricity within the arena will be HUGE—no one will know how this will end.

And just when it seems that Cena and his fellow helper(s) have the advantage, out comes Manu and Snuka. Imagine it, the crowd becoming outraged as Snuka and Manu show their true colors as they realign with The Legacy.

It proceeds in a back and forth struggle between Cena's group and The Legacy.

But wait! Out comes the Hart Foundation to help Cena, when suddenly they turn on him and turn the advantage back to Orton. And thus, Orton gains back his belt and The Legacy rules not just RAW, but the entire WWE.

The reason I like this kind of ending/new beginning to the 'Legacy' angle is not just for the twists and NWO-like atmosphere, but also (and mainly) because it is a passing of the torch to the younger superstars; something the WWE needed to do a while ago.

Not only will this be a huge push for these young wrestlers, but a big turning point in the world of WWE.