NFL Playoffs: Dream or Nightmare?

Gabe SimondsContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

The only certain thing about the NFL Playoffs in 2008 is uncertainty. In the first two weeks, only three favored team, ranking wise, won their respective games. Plus the supposedly overrated Arizona Cardinals beat the Falcons in Week One. 

All these upsets make you wonder if this is good or bad. It's good if you're a fan of Philadelphia (who, after a long drought, has a possibility of three titles if the 76ers make the playoffs and get hot late), Arizona, Pittsburgh (the only expected team whose there), or Baltimore. 

If you bet, it most certainly is the worst thing possible. So I will answer this question based on the fact that you are an everyday person who just really likes football.

It also depends on who you like to lean towards. If you like upsets, this was a wonderful weekend. If you like favorites, it's terrible. So far, the way the playoffs have played out, the NFC Championship game features two nine-win teams. Doesn't the regular season seem kind of pointless as long as your in the playoffs? 

Save your money and get a good coach and you might sneak into the playoffs and its basically a crap shoot. In the AFC Championship game, its somewhat different, although an 8-8 team was a win away from being here. 

The good thing with this is that when watching a playoff game, it has a sort of NCAA March Madness feeling. I mean how could it not. That is amazing. You can't assume anything at all.

You have to watch the game play out and chances are, or at least the way they've been, you will be surprised with the result. Difference is No. 1 seeds lose, too, so you don't even have a team that basically is guaranteed past the 1st round. 

My last thought is that if you are leaning towards one team or feel like this team is better, chances are they will lose. So if the Cardinals win, don't be totally shocked. The only shocking thing about this is people still, STILL, expect them to be rocked, although some do not feel this way. 

The other game, by betting standards, has the Steelers favored, but I feel like every NFL fan feels like its a pick'em. Either team can win this game and a controversial call or a key play will probably determine the game.