LSU Basketball Keys To Success

Jacob KerrContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

The game plan called by LSU coach Trent Johnson this year has worked very well. The Tigers have been able to accumulate a 12-3 overall record, which is one of the best records they have had to start a season in awhile. Though they are on a two-game losing streak, they can turn it all around against South Carolina.

The first thing that LSU needs to do is to feed off of the crowd. As they feed off of the crowd, the intensity of the game will fall in their favor. The reason LSU hasn't been able to win away from home is because they haven't been able to take the crowd out of the game.

The second key is to shut down the big scorers on the other team.

During the Alabama game, Trent Johnson should have put Garrett Temple, who is thought to be the best defender in the SEC, on Ronald Steele in the first half and Cenario Hillman in the second half, while having Bo Spencer switch with him. If LSU wants a chance to win a lot more games, they need to have their best defender defending the leading scorer on the other team.

The final key is to get physical on offense and defense.

LSU has been showing a lack of physicality on both sides of the ball. Against Texas A&M, they showed physicality, and if it wasn't for a questionable call against Marcus Thornton, they could have won. However, Utah and Alabama were able to push the Tigers around.

Chris Johnson needs to start driving to the basket and stop letting people back him down, and the whole LSU teams needs to start getting more into the faces of the players they are guarding. If they play good defense, they can turn it in to an easy two points and win games with ease, instead of blowing it away in the second half after keeping it close in the first half.

LSU has the potential to win the SEC, and possibly a National Championship, but they have to step it up on defense to get the offense which leads to success.